Sucked in Gumboot picture of me with da new hairstyle

Please....I can't afford to buy you all a new moniter. Sun in eyes. The Terrorist was trying to eat me alive and as for my adoring public....? Reaction was negative consumer feedback they pointedly referred to that green stuff called grass. So much for adoring fans....*sniff*


  1. cool bananas! don't worry you're always have fans that aren't animals :-)

  2. Very cool shot of you, my friend. That deserves to go in the photo album.

  3. Well...you should see it really close up. Eyes all squinty and it's well..sucked in gumboot stuff. I'm working on trying to smile nicely?

  4. Nice haircut. Looks like the Terrorist is trying to give you a cow lick.


  5. That's what I was afraid of!!! She eats hair. Ouch!

  6. Havent been able to stop by for a few days...so I'll sum it all up in a few short comments
    1. LOVE the new look!
    2. Love the Terrorist
    3. Love the feather, buildings, and other drawings
    4. cool opossum story!
    5. thanks for the comment tonight, hope all is well with you guys and things are working out for you still! You've been a busy bee it looks like!
    6. Have to shoot me an email and visa versa!
    7. Love the cats...arent they fun, but deadly! LOL

  7. Hello Rae!!!! Happy thanks giving!! And email it is!!!!