Window shopping,Chickens that won't go to bed, and other things

I had visitors yesterday so the blog got left for a day. Blogs I think can be a really bad habit - not.
The kids and I while we were in Maungaturoto the other day also went window shopping and I got a shot of these little guys in the window of the Country Interiors shop. Not too sure if I'd have them at my place but they're still fun.
Long day yesterday. Not much happened around the farm. Just talk,talk and more talk - I call it gasbagging. Around 3 pm everything was nice and quiet again. Sunset came and with it two certain chickens name Maggie May and Feather that decided the chicken house wasn't the place to sleep last night.........
After physically picking the naughty pair of over loved poultry and shoving them into their roosts I grabbed the camera and got a shot of the sun setting over in the west ....
At 5 am this morning I got woken up to this.............
The moon according to Ian Musgrove over at Astroblog was at its fullest last night which indeed it was and around close to dawnrise half an hour later I got this.......
Came inside and found these two making themselves all comfortable. Dream ready to do a sneak visit onto the kitchen bench - plan foiled by the hooman catching her in the act of making the attempt.........
And Emerald figuring out how she was going to make a sneak attack on my barefeet..ouch! No she missed out.....
Not much else right now to blog about. I've got a heap of stuff to do on the farm here today including clearing out two smelly possums from our traps - oh joy. I'll be back a little later with some cool blogs and websites for everyone to check out. Until then everyone seriously have a great day today. And I have some more blogs to catch up on as well. Have fun I will be - digging yet more holes for possums...mutter


  1. Purrfect pussies, enchanting chickens and misplaced possums. Is it possible to skin them or sell the furr to people who make those gorgeous merino & possum scarves and beanies? or is it too much trouble? They must be such a pest, as they don't really belong across the Tasman, and I know from living in the mountains what a nuisance they can be to us, who have invaded their habitat.

  2. Hi Rose!!!! Lovely of you to visit. 71 million possums I think a definitely a pest. There is an industry for them but I don't have the time to do much with them. I think there is a buyer somewhere for the carcasses but I would have to do somework. The pussie cats and the chickens say Hi Rose!!! My sister lives in Terrigal and she has trouble with possums as well but because they are so protected being native in Australia she has to ring the Wildlife people to come and pick them up. I hate possums - not that it's really their fault. Just some stupid settler decided they would be good for their fur - somewhere else thanks not here. LOL!!!!

    Take care and I'll be over to visit your blog.


  3. hey girl, howz your house tidying going? the vacuum hasn't fallen apart on you too has it? want me to come over again at some stage and give you a hand?

  4. Hi Amy,

    No the old vacuum is fine. Still together LOL!!! We're doing housework in the morning and farm work in the afternoon. I've got family here again as well. Getting there bit by bit which is good.

  5. Hi, Liz

    I don't know how I missed this post yesterday but, really enjoyed it today. Lovely pictures as usual. I love farm animals, cats and dogs.
    I to am a weed (an old weed) at that ~~~~. LOL


  6. Hi Leslie if you're a weed it must be a nice weed unlike the noxious one that does this blog LOL!!!! glad you enjoyed this post

    Take care