Ugly Mouse must die, More kittens needing homes and other stuff

Be Warned this is a loooooong post...............................

Mother Cat still needs a home someone please love her
Call the Maungaturoto Vet Centre they'd love to hear from you

Another very very hot day. The cows are going through nearly three hundred litres of water a day so I've put some electrolytes and mineral blocks out for them now the weather is much much fiercer. We've got rain coming during next week which is badly needed here in Northland. Hopefully plenty will fall for a couple of days anyway. My sister Lynette headed home today so it's slightly less crowded here on the farm. I had to go to the Maungaturoto Vet Centre again today as yet more unwanted kittens had been brought in and here they are.....

Beautiful and so cute. It's such a shame some people don't neuter and spey their pets and this is the sad result. I'm going to keep blogging about these kittens and mother cat until they are found new homes. Good news on the little abandoned kittie she has been found a wonderful home. Thank you to the caring people who are now giving her the love she deserves.

Now onto the two little trouble making kitties Sasquatch and Yowie. Victims today including one pair of gumboots, my toes,the washing, one ugly mouse must die toy, paper, Elmo the monster and one sad unfortunate slater. Other victims - each other. And here's some more photos.....

Ugly Mouse must die! - Victim

Other Victims - Each other!

Vanilla Icecream Paw

Maybe da fur not taste so good afterall hooman!

The day wasn't that busy but the noise going on with the chickens cackling at poor Dream who was trying to mind her own business anyone would have thought an invasion had come

The Terrorist thought all her birthdays had come at once when we had shifted her to some new grass that in some places was taller than she was.........
But.....nice grass is nooo substitute for the nice bottle. Bottle is far far better and she should be weaned by now...not. Spoilt rotten more so than last year's calves. Too cute to say no too...
It's been a good day especially for the Terrorist she got her bottle tonight...............


  1. Those new kittens of yours would love more kittens to play with... :-) I love the names you gave them. I hope all the other cats at the centre find homes.

    Calves love their bottles, no matter how big they are. Are you keeping the horns on the Terrorist?


  2. Hi Jennifer. Heck with four cats...Nooooo. I have been hunted,bitten and clawed being attacked by an entire squadron of little kitties would be....painful ouch!

    Yes those horns have to come off. She should have been done months ago but we couldn't get the MAF guy - too busy doing several thousand other calves. Now the vet will have to do it. Horns....are sharp and dangerous as you would well know...Save me from the kitties!!! I do hope someone takes those other kittens too


  3. I would love to know where these kittens are coming from...

  4. Amy everywhere!!!! Lots of unspeyed cats and no-one is doing anything about it.

  5. Poor kitties-I don't know why people don't neuter their pets-it's a must. In our state in order to adapt a kitten you have to sign a paper that you will have them spayed or neutered and within a certain time frame if the Dr.'s paper isn't returned to the shelter they will come and pick the cat up from you -so it's mandatory.

    I just love kitties so much. Neglecting any animal is so sad to me and well, it makes me MAD too!

    The terrorist is so cute-I can see why he is still on the bottle.

    Love you,

  6. Hi Leslie

    I wish that would apply here too. The vets here know we will have these two little kitties fixed since we also go Dream and Emerald from them as well and they were older kittens. We had them fixed at six months old. No cats around here allowed to have or make kitties.

    The Terrorist is naughty and spoilt but she knows to behave for her hooman Mum. Too cute for her own good.

    Love you too

  7. Hi Liz!

    The kitties are all so cute. I have 6 cats now. I had five until recently, when I spotted an abandoned kitten living in the woods I began feeding her. She was quite wild for the longest time, but just before the really cold temperatures set in, I finally captured her. She is a calico, so a female. I took her to get spayed, naturally.

    I do hope the kittens find homes. All my cats are spayed and neutered. No one will have kittens, or get other cats pregnant! I also have 2 dogs, who had been abandoned, one is a 12 year old sweet girl dog, and the other is a 6 year old sweet girl, both spayed. I can't stand people who abandon their animals, or never bother to spay and neuter them!

    The terrorist is just adorable, and her hooman mom is her adoring slave. LOL.

    I so enjoyed all the pictures. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love and blessings,


  8. those Kittens are way to cute for their own good! I had no idea you had to remove the horns - that sounds like a serious operation - I just love that terrorists I never knew a cow could be so endearing -

  9. Hi Renie!!!!

    I think I will have to stop at four for now. You are so wonderful having six. Better still that they are all spayed and neutered. You care and love them which is awesome. I loved your photos on your last post of your pond.

    Big hug and love

  10. Hi Kathleen,

    Not to serious on the horns for the Terrorist. The vet will do it so she won't feel a thing. Yes these little kitties are fat tooo cute!!!

    Take care