And yesterday was...Mad?

Crazy is back here on the farm. With two more to add to the collection things here have gone insane. The house has become a tiny kittie hunting and war ground. Dream and Emerald of course are not pleased about two miniature trouble makers entering their domain. A first encounter we got this...
Dream was growling..grrrrr

And Sasquatch was well being..himself. Big Fur makes little kittie look MEANER.......
After an entire morning of biting everything including the hoomans kitties decided it was time to find a little resting spot before the next plan for making big trouble was carried out.....

And after all the fun was done Yowie has to look cute
Sasquatch says this beats a cage at the Vet Clinic any day

Apart from farm work which is forever needing to be done we have two of my sisters up staying for a few days we have a farm full. Roi my brother in law is a great cook and we had a great meal last night. Before heading up the hill to feed Sasha we spotted these black berries all ready for picking and spraying. The kids reckon they'll be out on the farm today picking all the ripe ones so we can make blackberry jam - yum.
The chickens of course were crashed out under the palm tree trying to keep out of the hot sun. I didn't get a nice friendly greeting just the usual where's our food look. Nothing new with that lot.

Sasha has been put in the top paddock and already looks far better. Her old owner had gone to a sale and had shown up with a brand new cotton sun sheet so Sasha could have some protection from the hot summer sun

Sasha though wasn't so interested in her new cover she was more interested in her dinner.

My sister Lynette had it all worked out she was just chilled out watching the view. Yesterday was a good day afterall.


  1. Is the last photo taken at your mum's? It's good you're catching up with your family and the blackberry jam sounds delish! And you've got your own itteh bitteh kitteh committeh now.

  2. How odd that the big cat seems threatened by the kittens. Maybe it's because there are two of them?

    Try taking one at a time to the big cat, holding the kitten close and petting the big cat while he checks it out. If the kitten lashes out, just tell it know. The big cat will see that as a sign that you are protecting him.

    My youngest was almost a year old when I found her. This is how I handled her with the two grown cats I already had. It took a couple of hours but has worked out great ever since! It helped that the kitten had an attitude as if this was already her home :-) and had no fear of the other two.

  3. Hi NoBS. Cats of course are territorial and it's natural for this to happen. I didn't expect anything else. The intro's are slow but surely working. Dream and Emeral will need a little bit of time to accept their new company.

    Thanks for the info - really helpful
    Hope your kitties are doing well and it sounds like you're really enjoying them.

    Take care

  4. Hi Amy, You and Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committee Conspiracy. I am being bitten and chased and hunted..LOL!!! Lots of fun too

  5. What lovely kittens, cat and other animals! Sounds like it's great fun at your farm!

  6. Aww the kitties are just too cute! I LOVE kittens and all their antics! Having a Mad farm is too much fun and you know it! You wouldnt have it any other way!
    Sasha has a long neck! Did you say she was a thoroughbred?
    Its mad around here too with all this cold weather...thinking more about flying over!

  7. Raph - HI Raph thanks for dropping in and saying Hi. Our farm is both fun and crazy. Glad you liked all the animals.

    All the best

  8. Hi Rae!!!!! Coming over shortly now I'm back home. Kitties are itty bitty trouble makers and I love the Mad farm for sure. Winter really must be hacking you off. It'll go and then we'll have it back here.LOL Maybe we should meet on a warm tropical pacific island somewhere out of cyclone season.LOL!!!

  9. sounds good to me! When I win the lottery we'll do that okay! LOL seriously i NEED to win there are too many people I want to meet too many places I want to go.....I think it would help my winter blues....