Traitor Cat!

If anyone believes cats are loyal to their owners - think again! Despite me feeding her, loving her and providing a space in my bed. Dream is a traitor cat. She has traitorised her way onto Inaya's lap every other day. What do I get? Claws in my leg - unfair! See she wouldn't even look at me - all plumped up there on Inaya's lap. Traitor cats...they're everywhere...Tomorrow she will want to know me again. Typical!


  1. Mine has lately taken to perching on my chest and demanding a share of my toast crusts, then claws me later when I won't let her perch on top of my shoulders!

  2. Yes.....hmmm....my Traitor cat was suddenly my friend tonight when we had steak pie for dinner. She was sooo my friend...but she didn't get any of my pie. Bad kitty she is.LOL Seems to me it's still the same old thing. Cats own us we don't own them.