Mozzies down the drain!

A while back a spring came up near the house foundation. Not good at all. Water water everywhere. So it was down to a spade and the digging of heaps of drains. My gumboots of late have become a rather mud caked version of  platform shoes and my attire would have me being mistaken for the mud monster from heck. I figured my work was fairly well complete and the water would drain away. Oh of course not - Murphy had it all worked out. Drain kept blocking up with cooch grass and silt. Oh great (not!). Annoyed, out I went today, and cleared it all out again. And watched as the mozzie's little offspring struggled in vain against the torrent of draining stagnant water heading off towards the creek  No loss of course. It's the last thing we needed around here. Suppose I had better go and get a jack hammer out and get that hardened mud off my gumboots now...

1 comment:

  1. Arrgh, damn mozzies!
    I won't suggest the old tried and true method for clearing thunderboxes/long drops of mozzies by pouring metho into the pan...twouldn't be very kind to the environment.