And so far it's been .....

WET! Apparently this has been one of the wettest winters on record to date. And it has been wet! So wet I've had to spend most of my days outside in the mud digging drains to stop the water from sitting around my house. The water table has become very high and with it a lovely (not) spring has popped up. Not good when it's near the house foundations.

Other than that it's been cold, muddy and for once we've had a couple of settled days. I was clawed to day by the Striped Unit aka Emerald. Oh that was so fun having her hooks in my leg while I was trying to walk away from her. Evil cat.

Dream the traitor cat is still being a traitor, and has now decided to try to act all innocent and cute - darn her cuteness.

I started doing a sheep last night on the paper. The photo above is awful. It was taken this evening in rather bad light. The picture looks way better in the real world. It's still being worked on, but for a change, I'm going to do some farm animals. Logical I guess, since I live on a farm (or an excuse for a farm), and have farm animals. Not sheep though. The only sheep here are the ones in my freezer.

Well that's me for now. Check out Escape Into Life. It's an arts and culture e-zine with reviews by top writers, showcasing artist, poets, writers and highly talented photographers. I'd highly recommend this site it is absolutely top class.


  1. Your top shot is stunning!!! Poster material, Liz.

  2. Aww thank you Lisa! That was purely random. I saw the horse up there grabbed the camera and took some shots. Even I was surprised at how the colours came out.


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