A very Kiwi Country Wedding


The person responsible for turning up back in August 2008 with a rather tiny jersey calf that would within the week be named the Terrorist and has since been the reason why this very blog began at last has got herself hitched.

Today my very wonderful and close friend Gillian tied the knot with her long term friend Alex. Alex asked Gilly back last year to marry him and she said yes. So today they celebrated their marriage to each other at a tiny little church just by the bridge coming into Dargaville township.

Family and friends came together and we all witnessed a wonderful ceremony and afterwards a great afternoon tea in the church. I'll let the Terrorist know the one who saved her from the bobby truck now has a ring on her finger and it shall not be eaten by said Terrorist next time Gilly comes to visit us.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you and Gillian for sharing such a lovely day in photos.
    The happy couple do indeed look happy and her dress is just gorgeous !
    Congratulations to Gillian and Alex :)