A couple of more old family images

 I'm currently digitising all of our family photos. This is my great grandfather James Watkin Kinniburgh. He was a civil servant most of his life. My very very dear friend Lisa author of the Heritage blog Timespanner (and an awesome blog at that!) wrote a post about him as he has a connection with the Auckland suburb of Avondale. James was the first mayor of Avondale. You can read more about him here and here

I'm not sure who this child is. The photo looks like it was taken sometime around World War 1 or possibly the early 1920's. The Kewpie doll has my interest. From what I could find on their history they appeared around 1909 a comic strip and then as dolls in 1913. Other than Wikipedia I can't seem to find too much on their history. The earliest I could find for them appearing in New Zealand was in 1914 where I found an advertisement in the Evening Post (2 March 1914) it was kind of 'kute' (excuse the pun)

A "KEWPIE" DOLL (AMERICA'S LATEST CRAZE) Ah You are always looking for something to amuse them. They are the Kutest, Kunningest, and most Kurious things you ever saw. They not only please and amuse the children, but draw peals of laughter from father and mother and all the grown-ups. You will never regret buying one Do it now. There is sure to be a heavy demand
Well I guess that's this post for now. And my youngest found a frog in her bedroom but that's another story to tell.


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