Under Supervision

Now the two girls are back home, and having a wonderful time munching on all of that very long grass that has grown in their prolonged absence so has the supervision of The Terrorist. Under her watchful eye, and her tongue trying to lick my face I went looking for my Conqueror Oil spray since a lovely bunch of red  mites have decided my poor butter bean plants were a wonderful meal. Nasty little pests Red Mites. They suck the life out of the poor plant and leave them looking rather the worse for wear.

Everywhere I went yesterday Terrorist was not far behind. I trimmed the palm fronds and stacked them neatly only to fine a certain jersey nuisance was busily at work behind pulling everything back out all over the driveway. Oh well, I guess it will be back to re stacking them again and hoping like heck she doesn't do it again. I won't hold my breath there. The old man was by the wire yesterday waiting for his feed. He knows where it comes from. Even with the girls back he won't share it with them. They soon get the message from him to stay well away from his breakfast.

The last day of summer was yesterday, the cicadas though are as loud as ever singing their summer tunes. Eventually their songs will cease as they die off. Not that the dog cares much for that. He's usually trying to catch them! Silly Simon never learns. Even the flies he tries to snap at. I just have to shake my head at that one.

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