Until the Cows come home

It took them long enough to turn up. The old fossil was starting to get a little upset that his bovine girlfriends weren't around. At last they are now back home after I called them and they literally came running home. Didn't take much to open a couple of gates and through they went.. The Terrorist soon discovered Miss Lily's old feed bucket and had a sniff. Nothing in it of course so she decided to go back to eating all of that long grass that had sprung up in her and River's absence. The old fossil is at last happy and finally not hanging his head over the back fence. The things we do for the sake of animals.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Just glad the two trouble makers are back home where they should be.Oh well I guess I'll have more of my hair eaten and my face half sandpapered off by the Terrorist's tongue.


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