Mum Should I go and get the duster?

Those were the words of my youngest when we ended up covered in super-phosphate the other day. My neighbour across the road had decided his pastures were badly in need of an autumn boost. He was happy out there with the tractor and the spreader getting the job done - my poor Mum thought there was a big fire! Well no the wind shifted direction and our place ended up being fertilised as well as us. Michelle was trying to figure out whether or not she would grow taller after I explained that it was fertiliser to make the grass grow tall. And of course the duster comment was added to that.
Sasha was too busy eating her new grass to care much about that silly old tractor and the fertilising stuff. It's been a long struggle with this beautiful lady. Sasha had a terrible winter last year and on top of everything else she had ended up with an abscess in her withers. Finally she has healed up and put on some weight. We're going to be moving her off the farm today to go and join Edward along the road on a neighbours 5 acres. They have grass past their knees. The winter covers have now gone on as the nights now are getting too cold for the two old horse. Sasha is rising 24 this year and Edward will be 29. I'd love a younger horse to ride later on - but for now I'll just enjoy my two oldies and the fun they bring.

And this is the last photo I had taken of little Yowie just the day before she died. Cute there in her very small box letting me know she was being interrupted and wanted to get back to her sleeping. Hope everyone's well and having a happy day. I certainly intend to.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry about Yowie, what happened to her ?
    I wonder if some of the sprayed stuff would make me taller ? lol
    I am glad you have your girls and animals to keep you company. Sometimes I get very lonely.
    Hugs to all~~~~Leslie

  2. First I thought, "autumn?" what is she talking about. It's spring. Then I remembered where you are. My husband said, 29 is extremely old for a horse. he used to take care of horses on a ranch as a kid. Your cat looks too healthy in the picture to have died, the following day. How did the girls take it? Cried a lot?

  3. LOL oh noooo oh well at least the fertiliser is better than maxigroup, your girls might end up like my oldest son - very tall thanks to that!

  4. Hi Guys

    Leslie - Yowie was run over on the road by a vehicle very sad. The fertiliser might help.LOL I'm hoping to get taller then I can tower over everyone. Hugs to you

    Sonia - I have keep remembering the Northern Hemisphere is now in Spring all the time. I hate winter. Autumn isn't so bad but winter I can't stand. Wet Wet horrible and muddy! Yowie was run over by a car or a truck we're not sure . We all cried it was so heartbreaking Michelle especially was devastated but we still have three other cats Yowie we will miss though she was so sweet and loving. 29 is old for a horse. My old Manager Beverley has a thoroughbred named Billy who is 35 and still going. Great to hear from you and I did love your last post really well written and thought out. Take care

    Amy..Yes I could just imagine that my kids sprouting suddenly and all their clothes being too shor and all my cows and horses growing into giants. Oh no...Just the grass will grow thank goodness.LOL!