Hey who stole the leaves off my trees?

Oh that's right it's Autumn and there I was dead set on blaming the Terrorist for climbing the Poplar trees and eating all those delicious leaves. Just one problem with that theory - calves can't climb trees. Grudgingly I have to accept that indeed Autumn is here and summer is well and truly over. Just around the corner will be that season called Winter with the short days, the mud, lack of grass growth and every other wet depressing task I can think of on the farm. Yes I hate Winter but then again Spring follows afterwards....
Little did the Terrorist know the time for being the baby of the farm critters had come to an end. It was time for her to learn to become a cow - not. Those things that had horns and went moo just weren't good enough. This was sooo unfair. The mean hooman had left the poor little Terrorist all alone with those mean moo-things we know as cows. She complained most of the week but now it's dawned on her the hooman will not be spoiling her rotten anymore. She has to live with this lot...
Minus Sasha for the winter. She's going up the road to my neighbours. We had hoped to move her a couple of days back but the weather and lots of trucks along with major roadworks have put a delay on that move. Today though we'll be walking her late this afternoon - very slowly. Sasha has a condition called Stringhalt which means her back legs are stiff and a bit tied up. She used to be a Polo Pony and this condition seems to be common in horses used for the sport.
Dream and Emerald aren't looking too concerned about the Terrorist not being around to try and eat their fur. They found a comfortable place on one the feed sacks while Sasquatch...
Had the couch all to himself and was being...well Sasquatch. I had my hand clawed then half eaten...is there a Doctor in the house?LOL


  1. Looks like you still have quite a few leaves left. I love the name terrorist. It makes me laugh every time I read his name. What a soft beautiful white furred cat.

  2. Hi Sonia - The Terrorist is a Terrorist with her little horns and trouble making ways but so so cute and tiny. She's a lot bigger now but for a Jersey breed she is very small and of course yet another pet to add to the already too many pets we have. Sasquatch is a cutie and picture perfect. He's missing Yowie I think but he seems to be getting on with it as well as biting my ankles now and then...

  3. Goodness, how cruel to lump the Terrorist in with that common mob of moo-things!
    LOL Hope she settles down and enjoys the change ;)

  4. Jayne - LOL! Of course not! Those moo things are totally unacceptable. The Terrorist requires silver service..want the job...LOL!

    Nah she's getting there poor little calf. I do feel mean but she has to go into the paddock.

  5. nah the only remedy you need is a fresh hot mocha round at my place. As for the terrorist, yay for you not having to venture outside in the freezing cold winter mornings with a bottle of milk

  6. Poor Terrorist ! Life gets rough when you start growing up.
    Just think I am getting your leaves for a while, I will give them back in good shape when Fall comes around again.
    The cats all look happy.
    Love and Hugs~~~~Leslie