Baa Baa Black Sheep.... (MY SHEEP IS COPYRIGHT!)

Well this sheep won't give you much. Things you get up to in the middle of the night? I draw silly cartoon creatures that in the real world would be absolutely useless. This sheep I think would be trouble..like all sheep are...Unfortunately I've now had to mar my woolly friend with a massive copyright warning. I've got very tired of people taking my artwork and just using it without any credit let alone asking for permission! IF YOU WANT THIS IMAGE SO BADLY THEN PLEASE ASK!!! DON'T JUST TAKE!


  1. For some reason, this sheep looks very funny. Thanks for the drawing instructions on your other blog!

    The photos from the show are all very nice. Appears to have been quite a fun event.

    Am very glad to know that you all appear to be coping well after Yowie's loss. That last photo of her was quite stunning. Sending you all many many comforting hugs and purrayers :)

  2. Hi Guys

    Jennifer..Oh No...I have created a cartoon of your sheep.LOL! Hope he's behaving himself now along with his little friend.

    Omer - I think he must have a plan perhaps one involving Minions Of Basement Cat...Let me know how your sheep turns out. Be careful very careful the minions don't influence him...

    We miss Yowie but we have to move on. I have lots and lots and lots of photos of her which I can still put up on the blog.Sasquatch woke me up this morning with claws in my hand. Ouchy! Payz for dayz hooman. Thank you for all the hugs and purrayers.

    Love, purrs and hugs to you from us all