Moons,corn,old things, noisy chickens and the end of Mrs Screech

I realised today I hadn't posted anything yesterday apart from the media release that was. Just Federated Farmers making their point known. Fair enough too. Blog catching up - I am slowly but surely getting there. Rachel at Kyfarm Life has some great photos posted of organising the hay for the feeding out plus some great dawn shots and some of the horses having a great old time. Check it out.

One of my cousins asked me recently if I'd ever consider moving back to Auckland City where I grew up lived and work. For now that answer is a big clear No. I'm sitting here at the computer watching a hawk circling over the trees figuring on how he's going to get the ringnecked pheasant busily making his presence known to half of the local neighbourhood. Mr Screech is outside eyeing up the chicken's food and as usual screeching his head off. We found out Mrs Screech had been run over by a truck which explains why we have a single Screech here instead of the clan. Such is life here on our crazy farm. Would I change it - not right now I wouldn't. Rain is predicted but so far zilch happening there.

Yesterday the kids and I ended up going to Maungaturoto to get some lunch and have a look around in the shops. I saw Julie one of the local cafe owners. I had restored her once very sad looking roadside sign for her. Next thing I know the kids and I are being given a gecko template a can of gold spraypaint, and a step ladder. Well we trudged down the road with all this stuff, ended up having to hike through a paddock so we could avoid getting zapped by a very powerful mains electric fence. I hate heights and shaking in my jandals (gumboots were left at home) there I was up on a ladder doing a silhouette of this gecko with a can of gold spray paint. And here's the result.
We we got back to the cafe hot and bothered, and were treated by Julie to a wonderful lunch and cold milkshakes - really awesome of her to do that. While we were in her cafe I spotted this old Tip Top tin tray. Pre 1974 at least because they're using the old imperial measurement. Strangely enough Tip-Tip has a family connection. My great-uncle Harold Kinniburgh used to be on the Tip-Top Board of Directors. So I was really thrilled to see it there on display for everyone to enjoy.
Heading home we spotted a local family selling corn on the side of the road. So we ended up getting some actually today. Yesterday though I took some photos...bad habit that.

Around sunset I spotted the moon just coming out and the sky was still blue in the east.

About 5 minutes later the sun back lit the clouds with stunning pinks and I got this shot. It was awesome to see. I wish I had a digital SLR which would show a better image of the real scene. In another year maybe ten I'll get one. Kentucky is still on the number one things to save for list.

This morning two very noisy hens decided to have a cackling match right outside the house. Maggie May and Feather the dumb chicken were making one heck of a racket. Lucky for them they won't ever go in my pot. Not these two. We hand raised both of them from day old chicks. Maggie hatched Feather in 2006, but we raised her since Maggie just wanted to pick at the chicks. Three roosters and one hen. The roosters of course are no longer here. I've got more to blog about but this post is long enough and I have some more blogs to read. So I'll say Hi Guys!!! I'll be over to visit really soon.


  1. Here's the Tip Top ice cream's history page for you, Storm.


    I'll bet that tray's from 1968 or so -- when Watties took over General Foods.

  2. Thanks for the link Ice. I've just opened up the site in a new tab so I can a look. Love that tray it is just so neat.

    Just had a good look at the history that is so cool. Thanks great history and yes I'd agree. 1968 - 69 maybe?

  3. So what did Julie think of her sign? I think it's fab and very creative. There's spots of rain just started here so I hope we have more, my vege garden needs it :-)

  4. Julie loved it. The lettering was already there. All I did was paint over the entire thing then painstakingly (mutter) brush each letter with a fine paint brush. It turned out brilliantly I think and the gecko was a brilliant idea on Julie's part. Turned out great.

    We need the rain!!!!!

  5. I can quite see, madbush aftera wonderful day like that you have no desire to move back to town living. Love that sprayed reptile! You sound to me to be full of the joy of living. Long may it continue!

  6. As always, I love the pictures and your blog. Geckos are the best. When we lived on the island of Okinawa, we had geckos in our house because the insects were so bad, they ate the little creapy crawlies.
    I will try writing new blog today. I have had a reaction to meds or laundry soap and all I have done for the past week is scratch Hugs to all.

  7. Hi Liz,

    I love reading about all the goings on and fun and animals at your farm. The pictures are awesome. Love the moon and the pink clouds shot! Have a wonderful weekend!



  8. Hi Guys!!!

    Weaver - I think enjoying life is the only attitude to have. Better that than to be miserable. Glad you like the gecko. It turned out well.

    Hi Leslie - Wow you lived in Japan!!! That is one place I really do want to see before I die. LOL. Oh no a rash. Hope it clears soon for you. Hugs to you to

    Hi Renie!!!! I have to come and visit your blog and Weavers as well. I had a great day yesterday and the day before. I think everyday seems to be a good day. Positive attitude seems to be number one here on this crazy farm of ours. Love and hugs to you Liz

  9. I love the sign, great job! is that the one you've been working on the past month or more?
    gr8 shots of the moon...I can see the man that lives there! LOL
    I'm dying for some good fresh sweet corn on the cob! Now your making me want to dig in the freezer and pull out this past summers corn and eat away! Note to self**sweet corn for supper tomorrow!**
    I've tried ALL day to leave comments on my friends blogs and yours is the only one its let me on to leave one, lets hope when I publish that it takes.....thanks for the email......;-D You'd better be saving for Ky!!!!

  10. Hi Rae!!! Yes still saving. Not much in the tin yet but we'll get there. That sign is the one and the same. Turned out real good too. Corn is yum and we're having some tonight with our dinner.

    Expecting more visitors later today.
    Hope you've had a great day.

    Love Liz

  11. Love your photos-sweet corn-aahhh-I'll have to wait at least 6 months for that-after the last frost we can plant our garden-somewhere around April or May-can't wait! And this year we will make sure to keep that pesky ground hog out of it-eating all of our hard work in 1 day.

    I'm envious of the warm temps you're having though I'm not complaining-having the cold makes one appreciate the warm.