Cat takeover on the table top and other mad goings on

Sometimes I wonder if this place I live in really is truly mad. The media releases seemed to be working overtime after me hoping things would be nice and quiet - not. The stench of bog odour has finally been washed away. A slight dose of sunstroke has totalled me over completely so it's lay off the farm work just a bit. Things have still gotta be done as we who live on farms big or small all know. Breakfast came and went then this happened...........

Lets just say this one is a Table Cat - maybe a watch cat for Celing Cat or a secret Basement Cat minion pretending to be on Celing Cat's side...hmm I'll let the majority decide there.........

Another scorcher and I'm hoping rain will come very soon. The kids and I decided after being roasted all day an icecream at the local petrol station was the order of the day. I have been trying to catch up with everyone's blogs..failure on my part to even get there with everything going nuts..

Hope everyone is well and still having a great new year. I'll be over to say Hi as soon as I can the old fatigue has been a little more than usual these last few days. I over did it draining the bog but it beats getting eaten alive by mosquitos for sure.


  1. Brrrrrrr that ice cream looks toooo cold for me way out here across the vast ocean in the state of California where our morning temperture is currently 48 degrees.

    This be my first visit to your blog, I found your link from Reine's Blog and I am glad I stopped on over to take a sneak peak.

    Great Blog, nice to see a NZ Blog. :) I used to have penfriends in my younger years from folks from Auckland NZ when snail mail was still considered the trend back then.

    I'll be back to visit your blog again and thanks for sharing.

  2. Take it easy Liz! Should I send you a box of snow to sit in to cool off?? :-)

    Table cats love to hinder reading and progress on projects. Table cats live in that no mans land, who knows which side they fall on??

    Eat more Ice Cream- don't worry about the calories, you just sweat it out on the farm.


  3. Just a little cold here for ice-cream, although I have been known for eating it while sitting by the fireplace ;-) It is 28 degrees here is morning. It is a "slow-start" day for me here
    I have gotta update my blog sometime today.
    Hugs to you and yours !

  4. MMMm mmmm good make mine a single dip cookie dough or cookies n cream if they have it - Hope you get over the total exhaustion soon - take it EASY- even bog monsters can't get it all done in a day - Kath

  5. Cat's giving you th' message, Storm -- chill and take it easy. Yep, you've got a lot on th' ol' Mad Bush plate, but bear this in mind: there's only one you, and I'll be darned if I'm going to go to the trouble of finding a replacement if you clap out on us. If I have t' do that, there'll be words, be sure o' that! ;-)

    Take care.

    Having a bit of an uber-vertigo day myself, today, so I'll be treadin' carefully through the urban swamps, thinkin' of ya.

    Love, Ice

  6. Rosy

    Hi Rosie! Thanks for visiting. It's been really hot here hotter than normal so we are seriously roasting. Be lovely to see you visit again soon

    Take care

    Jennifer - Two years of deferred maintenance on the farm and it shows..mutter. I could do with a box of snow. I'll put it in my freezer and sit in it!! LOL! Table Cats should be kept a close eye on and yes they hinder important projects like lunch and dinner. This one could be a minion....

    The icecream was yum but every day...nooo.

    Hope the kitchen is getting there for you and Zac

    Take care Jennifer

    Leslie - There you are in the chill of winter. I'll catch with your blog today I hope

    Hugs and love

    Kathleen - Hi Kathleen. I am listening. The bog monster is going to chill today..well I have to spary some weeds but otherwise I am just going to relax and do something other than farm stuff today..I hope. And yes they do have cookies and cream for sure

    Take care

  7. Ice, I'm hearing you. Just overdid it when I should know better. Backing off for a few days. some things to do but at my leesure today which is good. Got a story to write mutter. Writer's block. I'll sort it out later.

    Love to you too Ice and you take care of yourself too

  8. Well I hope you feel better Liz!!!
    Take some time off and rest so you will be back to new! We are freezing here in Ohio so the ice cream looks a little too cold for me! Right now it is 22 degrees outside but it feels like 14 degrees.
    Here's looking to better times!

  9. Hey Liz-Happy New Year too you! Sounds like you have been very busy. Do you not have any help at all or a significant other to lend a hand?

    So nice to see pics of your girls eating ice cream while it is a chilly 28 degrees here in Virginia today. I'm envious of your hot temps.

    Take care of yourself and slow down some-you won't be any good for anybody if you're out of comission from overdoing things.


  10. Season’s greetings to you to.

    I really like your cat pics.
    To me cats are like arrogant little snobs. You don't own them. They own you and they own your house. They can do just about anything they please when ever they please.

    Don't get me wrong, I love cats and they are really cool pets.


  11. hey girl, been trying to call you, no answer, call me asap. thanks. yes it has been hot hot hot, there's meant to be rain over the next few days - we need it!