The best laid plans of Mosquitos, Kamakaze Calves and Rusty Spades

Until now, we've been relatively free of being bitten alive by our old least favourite insect the bad old mosquito. Not the last few nights we haven't. Literal squadrons of hungry female mosquitoes have invaded our home and the flyspray and insect repellant have been working overtime. Cause - the bog behind our house. We have several small springs that decided to pop up one winter's day and haven't gone down anytime since. Stagnant still water of course makes an ideal nursery for the larvae. An investigation over by the bog beside the fishpond revealed an entire bogs worth of wriggly creatures waiting their turn to become the next squadron mozzie leaders of their generation. Kerosene on the water's surface usually does the trick but....the fishpond is right beside the spring and the bog so I had to come up with another solution. The spade. So far we're into day two of digging. The wriggly critters are now figuring they have a nice new stinky place to swim...they will for another day perhaps until I finish digging down to the same depth as the fish pond that is then...open it up so the goldfish can have a nice big feast on unwelcome mosquito critters. Yet again today, I'll be turning into Swamp Thing's sidekick and heading back to the bog.

Waking up this morning at 5.30 am staggering out to get a coffee and say good morning to the Terrorist...she had company. The Kamakaze calf had decided electric fence or not she needed company...growl....There she was with the Terrorist looking at me as if she had always been part of the madness here. At this rate I'll be needing the men with the white coats to come and take me away for a very long holiday from the craziness...groan. I'll be back a little later once I've dealt with the problem and dug some more of the bog out...I am totalled.........mutter.


  1. Ha - they had a sleep over planned and you forgot! I don't envy your job as bog monster with spade sounds like VERY HARD WORK !!!

  2. LOL I think you need a big warm bubble bath...well not warm since its summer for you, how about a holiday on the lake with crisp cool water to swim in! Take the day off girl, you earned it this past weekend! LOL

  3. Hi Liz,

    Hard work, but good plan on feeding the mosquito larve to the fish.

    Love the picture of the terrorist and the visitot. How cute they look together.

    You're making me long for all kinds of animals again, although I gave most of them up 10 years ago.

    Take care!



  4. Hehe...

    They are just having a chat under the tree.


  5. Oh dear Madbush - I am desperate to visit NZ but hadn'y realised there were mosquitos! I met some giant ones in Canada a year or two ago and they homed in on me as though they recognised me as a relation. I am a magnet for them - so good luck with that digging - the only good muzzie is a dead one. Those two calves LOOK angelic. (sorry)