My first five decades in a nutshell (but I didn't marry a farmer after all)

January 1964

My mother gave birth to her fifth child. It was the time of the Vietnam War. People were dying and the protests against the war were already raging. Mum and Dad got a black and white Murphy Television.

I was three years old and I saw my first horse. I wanted to have my own horse. Next door was an old horse named Joey. I was found sitting underneath him with a rope in my hand.


 I started school. My first day was crap. I got the drawing in the book wrong. The teacher hit me on the hand with a ruler. I  now wanted my own farm and a horse.  I didn't like school. We watched Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon. I was disappointed. There was no man in the moon after all.


I still wanted my own farm and a horse. I was told I had to marry a farmer if I wanted a farm. I knew the answer to the question What is the capital of Vietnam? in my class general knowledge quizz. It was Saigon. The Vietnam War was all over our television screen. People were dying. I didn't understand why. I started to watch Country Calender because I wanted to be a farmer.


My world of rural countryside was exchanged for urban living, and a small square of grass with a maple tree stuck in the middle of it. I wanted to be back in the countryside I hated the new house. I still wanted a horse and to be a farmer. I was still told I had to marry a farmer to be a farmer. I met my future sister-in-law. We were both ten and became best friends at the new school I started. I asked my Dad why the soldiers were killing each other in Vietnam. He told me there were bad people wanting to hurt the South Vietnamese, so the soldiers on the good side were there to stop the bad North Vietnamese taking over. I still didn't understand so I cried.

1975/76 I spend two years at a crappy school being told I was stupid. Sadly I believed it. I still wanted to be a farmer though.


An angry kid started at High School. School sucked. I loved Pink Floyd and listened to Led Zeppelin.


I met another now life time friend. We talk almost every day.


I topped my class in Geography and English. Maybe I wasn't so stupid like they had told me back in 1975/76 at a school I'd rather forget.


I started work. I hated the job. I was 17. My boss fired me because I wouldn't sleep with him. What a jerk. I met my future husband.


I got pregnant and lost the baby. I was 18. I got engaged and started working for my precious Dad.


I got married at 19. I made a mistake.


Marriage, being told I was no good by interfering in-laws. Working with an ambition to be better. I knew more than my parents did. I judged people especially single parents. I had my first daughter at 21. She was taken off me at birth because she was very sick. It sucked.


New job, loss of direction. Wondering if my marriage was worth it any more.


Two more daughters I didn't plan for were born. I'm glad I had them


My husband left me to raise a family by myself. I had to grow up fast.


I got divorced and celebrated.


I found myself again. I bought a farm in a community I love.


I turned 50 years old.  My life is crazy. My kids love me and I love them. I have five horses (that's crazy) two cows (that's even crazier) a mad dog and an evil cat. I'm in heaven for sure. But I didn't marry a farmer after all. I just got the farm instead.


  1. Wow, 50 years. A half of a century! Congrats on making it this long on the earth! Sometimes, our dreams come in ways we don't expect.

  2. I am late to your party, Liz, but happy, happy birthday! I enjoyed reading your history. You are just a year and a half older than I am, so I was there for the history.
    Glad you got your farm :)