The long and the short of it is.......

I got what I always wanted. I can wake up each morning, have breakfast and get a friendly greeting at the door. He got my toast,  I got my coffee and the company of an equine friend. Animals can do so much for healing a hurt, and helping us forget our troubles. And in turn we can help them get through their troubles. Most of the horses I have on the farm have had sad backgrounds. Ed too had a hard life before he came to me nearly ten years ago. His days are coming slowly to an end. Soon I'll have to make a decision about his future. Simply he is getting very old and with it health problems have come along. He won't be sent off to the hounds or off for pet food. I couldn't repay his years of companionship with a betrayal like that. So when that day comes for him to cross the rainbow bridge he will be buried here on the farm.

And on the other side of things we have Shadia, who not so long ago was an angry withdrawn shadow that avoided human contact and didn't take kindly to having anyone near. I took this today. As soon as she saw me she was heading straight for my location. Different little horse to the nasty dangerous angry filly that arrived not quite a year ago.

When I was 8 years old, my parents asked me what I wanted for christmas. I said I want a farm! I meant a real farm, and like any kid of that age was sorely disappointed when the farm I got was made of plastic. I played with it anyway, and said thank you to Santa for at least trying his best to make me into a farmer. Well I'm not a farmer as such, more a mad person who lives on a farm, be it all a small one, but I respect my neighbours who do have real farms and work very hard seven days a week. In short I love it here, and I love it when I get moments when I can just share a quiet moment with my horses, and know they are safe with me. Shadia will never leave here. I made a decision that she wouldn't ever be any good for rehoming. So we're stuck with each other for the next couple of decades at least. My girls love all the animals. My youngest daughter Michelle is away for a couple of days helping a friend to show their cattle at a show up North. Last show they went to, Michelle came home with a reserve champion ribbon, how;s that for a kid who started off as severely autistic, physically disabled and it seemed she would have a hard road to walk. She's done brilliantly. All my kids have. Proud mum I am. My eldest daughter achieved her PhD in Psychology a few weeks ago, Inaya too has done really well and Michelle is learning to sing opera. Enough of my rabbiting on. Maybe we should all be more concerned about Cows with guns and Chickens in Choppers. Enjoy the video it is hilarious!


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