My favourite little people moments

My youngest children are just over a year apart. They're both teenagers with very different personalities. If they saw this photo, I have no doubts I will end up with an ear bashing. Finding it again made me smile - a lot. Because it's funny and shows just what little people can get up to when your back is turned. Little people get up to no good because that's how they explore the world which includes mummy's drawers, the fridge, dirt, worms, flies and other things we would never dream of going near. I've had some great moments with my girls. One rule I have. Let kids be kids.The grubbier they get during playtime the better. It means they have had fun! So here are my favourite moments in no particular order.

  1. Inaya raiding my art supplies and painting herself, her two year old sister and their bedroom a lovely messy shade of purple. 
  2. Michelle at five years old coming home from Leigh Primary School all excited about a human body lesson. As with all five year olds, she sat up all straight and serious and announced with pride that "Skeletons need little kids to stay alive" I mean how can anyone keep a straight face in front of a five year old that has said something as funny as that.
  3. My sister Michelle telling me Inaya (all of 18 months old) had eaten the dog's food, sand and had a couple of flies as well during her time at Aunty Shell's place. My response was Oh well it will improve her immune system won't it!
  4. Inaya with the great bathroom remodel which included Michelle wrapped up entirely in toilet paper. Shampoo dripping all over the walls. Lipstick painted on the mirror, Inaya, Michelle and the cat. And Inaya's high pitched little voice announcing she was the nurse and Michelle had a broken arm, so it had to be fixed!!! And fix Michelle she did. By almost mummifying her  in toilet paper. 
  5. The horrifed look on Inaya's face when I joked that we were going to go and live in a stinky old bus with mousie cheese farts and spiders.
  6. Hearing Michelle at four say her first word. "Dada" and hearing her first sentence six months later. Hello Mummy!

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