SEX!!!!! Thanks Sky Television for showing it to my kids

Normally I would ignore this advert. Have a chuckle and really think it is rather funny. Yes it is funny, very clever and witty. Don't get me wrong. I'm actually a very open minded person, when it's shown at the appropriate viewing times that is. The advert is for the Sky Television package Sky Guest Select aimed at motels and hotels. No problem with that, not a problem at all. You watch the advert run through, and then we come to the last clip. That is where I have a problem. A rather concerning problem. My kids were asking why it was those two old people were sitting on a double bed wearing leather stuff. Explaining to a teenager of 15 years old, that said old folks were actually wearing items associated with bizarre sexual preferences (of which people over 18 years old are perfectly entitled to have in private) is rather difficult. So, I explained it in the best way I could, without going into what is termed TMI mode as in TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Sky Television have been airing this advert during after school hours, and in prime time viewing WHEN MY KIDS ARE WATCHING!!! I am not a prude, but seriously here how far are the boundaries these days before smut, becomes considered the accepted norm, that teenagers and young children should be watching it. What gets me, is that the complaints about teenage pregnancy are everywhere, and what are our advertising media doing? Yes - promoting sex as if it's fine for kids as well. Great advert, but please Sky Television think before you broadcast these kinds of ads when children are watching.


  1. Agree with you, mind you there's so much rubbish on tv in kids viewing time as it is, not much on that's safe at all.

    1. I know they have parental lock for R16 viewing etc but that doesn't stop the advertising or even some of the music videos which can be beyond tolerable to say the least. I want my kids to grow up with a balanced attitude without the kind of crap TV is throwing at us these days.