Four Top Farm Blogs I'd definitely recommend

See she's waiting there in anticipation of what this insane Mad Bush Farmer (come unconventional mindset person) is going to come up with next. So what Farm Blogs do you ask? Where, where!!! These are not in any particular order of preference. They're all brilliant blogs that I really like to read.

Home Paddock  a top rated New Zealand blog with a very rural focus. Authored by Ele Ludemann a journalist by training, and with a great selection of news, views and farming focused articles. One of my all time favourites. One to add onto the "follow" list

Cabbage Tree Farm Bridgette is an almost neighbour, living a few miles away from my insane chaos, on a 10 acre block with hubby and little son D. This is a fabulous blog. Bridgette and her family really have made a success of literally living off the land. Recipes, trials and tribulations, what they are growing and what they plan for the future. Great photos, engaging writing and a fun read.

From the Ranch Pen - A Danni McGriffith blog Married for 31 years to her husband aptly named "Gramps", Danni is a mother of three grown children, and six very much loved grandchildren. Danni and Gramps ranch in Oklahoma on a scale that has my mind boggling. 10 Square miles so Danni has written in her about section. That is one heck of a size. Danni writes on all kinds of subjects, not one blog post is ever boring. There's always something there to hold a readers interest. Great photos of the family, farm and the animals. My favourite post had to be the boots on the doorstep. Danni if you read this I love Gramps boots!

Suburban Hoofbeats Authored by Audrey who says on her blogger profile
"I live on a small farm that is slowly being surrounded by minivans and soccer moms. We own a boarding stable with an average of twenty-five horses in it year round. We also own about seventy-head of cattle. Life on the farm is never boring, and I love to share my stories and experiences."
And of course it is about the horses, and other subjects Audrey writes about. I love horses, and Audrey has some very interesting insights about horses and horse behaviour. Well worth reading. Her latest contribution is a bit of a hoot. Check it out.

There's one farm blog I would not recommend to anyone ....that's the one written by that nutty Mad Bush Farmer. She writes terrible stories, takes even worse photos and generally has a bad attitude gleam in her beady little eyes. Whoops that was me writing about my cartoon self again. Must carry on I suppose before the cartoon self catches up with me!

Hope you enjoy reading those great farm blogs. There are more to write about yet to come. Check these first four out. Really worth a read.


  1. Thank you SO much, Liz, for the mention! I'm always happy when someone likes my blog. I genuinely like yours, too. I never imagined making a blogger friend all the way in New Zealand :)
    (Just to make myself more clear than I did on my about page: Our farms are scattered across ten miles. We actually farm less than one thousand acres, now, thank goodness. I'm tired enough as it is.)
    I definitely plan to check out the other blogs you mentioned.
    And I love the picture of your fuzzy pig. I've never seen one like that.

    Again, thank you very much indeed for your kind words.