Hello. I'm your garden wrecker for the rest of your life

She's been foiled by Terry. The boys found a way to prevent her getting out by dropping some old trees across the problem fence. Ten or so of them in a huge pile that she can't climb over. So she's back to sleeping stubbornly in sight of the house and munching up the palm trees. Butter wouldn't melt in the Terrorist's mouth the way she was looking at me. I think the look says it all.


  1. I have learned when a cow has her mind set to something, there isn't much to discourage them. We had a cow growing up that would always find a way out the front door of the barn after milking, instead going out the door to the pasture. She would knock over anything in her way to get her "daily free time". She would always come back in a couple mins, ready to go back in the barn and out to the pasture with the rest of her friends. After a while, we just let her have her daily free run, no sense arguing with her. :-)
    If you can get the Terrorist trained to weed picking, maybe both of you can be happy in the garden :-)