Winter thinks it's Spring?

Hey it's um...Spring already...or so right now it seems that way. Just had a chat to my friend Sue before. She tells me her work is up to its ears in new born dairy calves. Looks like the dairying season is going to start earlier by about three weeks at least in our area. I've been hearing the cries too of new born lambs from next door. Lambs usually are born in mid winter anyway.

We've had very warm weather for the last week, which makes a change from the mud and rain we usually end up with.

The Terrorist is back home again. The boys shoved her back through the gate ,but I wonder how long it will be before the little toad heads off again back under that darned fence which we can't seem to keep secured. she's almost the same size as River now who turned 6 years old on July 10th.

The Terrorist will turn 4 years old on July 29th. Maybe she'll be here for her cow birthday or she'll be too busy making her escape again over to Terry's place - again.

Ranger looks like one of those fat little Thelwell ponies at the moment. He's very round and very very furry with his winter coat. We've turned him and the old man out for a while until the ground dries up. Nothing worse than riding in muddy chopped up paddocks on a cold winter's day.

I took a photo of these rather spring looking flowers I think they are Jonquils. They have a gorgeous scent as well. The animals don't eat them any way so they come up every year untouched. It's nice to see so many this year.

Errm.....we will by pass the subject of the above said Striped Unit who stuck her claws in my hand yesterday. I got this filthy look as I passed by with the camera. She was not impressed. I am being currently glared at from another location while I'm writing this.

And here's something to check out thanks to Lisa over at Timespanner she put me onto the Odd Australian History Website. Have a read about a townships First Hoon it's hilarious


  1. Ive noticed those nice temperatures you guys are getting on the News weather :) nice

    and I found some of those flowers just the other day too :)

  2. What beauty. And I love that you are sharing such great photos. Always love to see your farm. And the weather is just the icing on the cake. Take care.

  3. Hi Jen! We've had stunning weather but now I don't think it is going to last much longer. Been good for the calves that's for sure. I'm sure those are jonquils they're really lovely to see when it's been so dull and grey over the last few weeks.

    Hi Justin And I love to read your blog and about your gorgeous animals. We've been very lucky with the weather. It's made a nice change from the misery of our usual cold wet winters we get here. You take care too!

  4. Ah, the glare from the cat. It reminds one that we never can be sure what our furry little creatures are thinking!
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