A Tiger by the Tail? Not quite

Yesterday after getting the kids off to school, things sorted out - I found my day was suddenly free. Free enough that I could go up to one of my most favourite places. I've been photographing the big cats at Zion Wildlife Gardens now for two years. I thought I'd share this photo I took yesterday at the park of the beautiful white male tiger Jahdu. They also have another white male tiger named Tygo who is the biggest of the two. I've been very privileged to be able to get the access I've had to photograph their stunning cats. I've certainly learned a lot over the last two years. Just so those who read this post are aware. White Tigers are not a seperate subspecies as many would beleive. They are a colour mutation. Regardless Jahdu is still beautiful and still deserves to live a long and happy life. Here he is enjoying his dinner - which happens to be the leg of a cow. He won't be getting a taste of my two girls any time soon that's for sure.

We had a beautiful sunrise just the other morning. I managed to get outside just in time to catch it with my camera. Nothing beats the simple things in life that's for sure.

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