Oscar the Grouch

One morning as I stepped out with a coffee in hand and a fag in the other - something small, fast, and very very angry swooped a bare inch above my unsuspecting noggin of a head. Shrieking loudly at the stupid human that had dared to invade their turf, one very small, but agressive little New Zealand Kingfisher gazed down upon his little kingdom and glowered. Not even the cats were exempt from the strategic attacks. Day in day out it's still the same old routine. I figured at this rate I'll have to invest in a motorcycle helmet or if things get really bad I'll raid someone's medieval armour collection and clunk around in well forged metal.

We named this little grumpy bird Oscar the Grouch, and I think Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street fame would be pleased he has a namesake. Today though, Oscar got a little too agressive and in the haste to pick at some unseen victim, the little Kingfisher hit the window. The cats were quick to pounce, but not before I had got there ultra fas,t and nabbed said Oscar literally from the feline jaws of death. Cats were locked up and Oscar the Grouch was put in a nice quiet place to recover. I got a couple of photos before Oscar finally flew back to the grand tower called the power pole and shriek loudly - letting me know a truce would not be coming anytime in the next millenium. So does anyone please have a spare suit of armour - I think I'll be needing it...


  1. Sounds like there's a nest close by. All heck broke loose in in Ferrymead, 1988. (.pdf link)

  2. Just downloading it now. Yeah there is a nest or was. the baby has left but Oscar has decided to stay and hassle us anyway. I like Oscar..

  3. Had a read very very intersting thanks for the link Ice

  4. Hi Liz,

    Oh, Oscar is a little beauty, even if he is a grouch. Look at that beak on him! I'm glad he is okay after his accident, and that the cats didn't get him. Maybe he will be a little less aggressive now, eh?

    It warmed up in my neck of the woods, and it feels wonderful. Happy weekend, Liz!

    Love and Hugs,


  5. Sounds to me like he should be called Eugene the ungrateful! LOL He's a cool looking bird very much like the king fishers around here! Glad you saved his little grouchy butt! Email me about that farm blog of Ians! Love ya!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog...
    It was your written view (plus photos of the grouch) that really said here is a kindred spirit.

  7. Oscar does not look a thing like our Kingfishers! He reminds me of the Kookaburras at the zoo.
    Thank you for coming by today...you would probably be surprised to know that I would rather be on a farm raising rare breed livestock and gardening than living the suburban life!

  8. he's lovely Liz, you see a few kingfishers around here, especially down at the motorbike track. They very beautiful! Thanks for the link on firefox, I'm using it and have to say it's way better than i.e. - no more problems :-)

  9. He does have the shape of our Kookaburras, I bet that beak snaps quite sharply like our Kookas, too!
    Those photos just ooze attitude from Oscar lol ;)

  10. Great photos Liz. We used to have one that sat on our washing line early morning but I could never get close enough to get a good pic.
    Lovely birds kingfishers/kotare. We have a few out our way, they like sitting on the power lines and then diving straight down to get food.

  11. Are Kingfishers known to be aggressive? What kind of helmet do you need? I could send you my son's paintballing helmet. Is your daughter still in San Diego?

  12. Hi Guys

    Renie - Hi Renie lovely to hear from you! Hope everything is okay after that big ice storm you had. Oscar is fine and grumpy as ever.LOL

    Love & Hugs

    Rae- Hi Rae.LOL! Eugene!!! Hmm all he needs is some thick glasses. Oscar has a little nest but we haven't found the babies so I think Oscar is being defensive over nothing.LOL On Ians Blog email coming very shortly love ya gal!


    Hi Flor, Very pretty and usually okay but it's nesting season still so I guess Oscar has decided that time isn't yet over.

    Hi Christin - Oh I'm glad I dropped over as well. Love your crochet!!! And thanks so much for your great comments. Liz

    Hi Patricia. Oscar does look like a Kookaburra. We do ahve them here in New Zealand but they're not that common. No I believe you on wanting to get out of suburbia. I miss the convenience of the supermarket but not the noise of dogs and lawnmowers. Love your blogs and your students work is stunning. I love rare breeds which is why I have heritage chickens here. I would love more but enough animals here I think

    Hi May He is gorgeous! I love them and hope Oscar gets the message not to go chasing anyone else. Quiet today though on the powerpole watching the cats...Call you later today

    Jayne - oh year snappy beak but those Kookaburra's are snappier!LOL Had a couple visit us when we were in Pacific Palms for a week a decade back or so and one dropped a big spider on my ex-husbands leg.LOL! Just a huntsman luckily..Attitude means the Grouch rules...

    Bridget - Hi Bridget aren't they neat but well grumpy!!! Oscar I think will settle down once he's realised nesting time is over?

    Sonia _ Hi Sonia!LOL I think I'll survive this little birds grouchiness. It's just a nesting instinct rather than an in-nate behaviour. He's behaving today so I think nesting season fever might be waning at last. My daughter is back in new Zealand now but I think she is planning to return to San Diego a little later. She really loves it there to possibly she might settle in California for a few years. I hope she does do what she wants to do. She's doing a PHD now in Psychology so the opportunities for her will be many. Awesome and I'm very proud of her.

    Take care and I loved the coffee post.LOL! Liz

  13. Check out this cartoon about the recession!