Hawks,Family photos with the Terrorist and the garden

Mr Hawk decided to go hunting the Mynah birds this afternoon. Unfortunately for him the Mynah Clan were out in full force shrieking the farm down and annoying not just me but my kids as well. I hate Mynahs they're a real pest around here. Lately they seem to have grown in numbers so I think a man with a gun will soon be in order for this nasty avian crew. I got this shot just as one of the Mynah birds were trying to attack Mr Hawk over the bush. He got away of course. Hawks I don't mind mynahs can go somewhere else...
The Terrorist didn't like being nabbed by my girls to have a family photo taken!

And Sasha had a big horse smile on her face!
And last but not least that vegetable garden that grew weeds for two years now has a five wire fence around it and some vegetable seeds planted! More to do tomorrow but now those chickens can't destroy the plants or get in - not with 3000 volts around it they can't.

On a sadder note Rachel over at Kyfarmlife has been having a big worry over little Radish. He's a little foal born two days back, but now Radish doesn't seem to be doing too well. Rachel has had hardly any sleep taking care of this little guy. He's gorgeous. His Sire Buck is a Rocky Mountain Horse and his dam Georgia is a Tennessee Walker. Nice little colt. I really hope he makes it. Drop over and wish Rachel and Radish well I think Rachel could really do with the support on this one.


  1. Hi Liz,

    Glad you have your garden all fenced in and planted, I know taht is a job.
    I hope Radish make it, I love all farm critters !
    I am sitting here waiting for "more snow" when will Winter end ?
    I love the pics of your girls and friends.

  2. Your girls look so happy mad bush - I think they must have an idyllic life over there - and the terrorist looks quite something.
    I too worry about little Radish - they are trying so hard. I am just about to look at her blog for today and can hardly bear it in case the news is bad. He looks such a dear little thing but such hard work.

  3. Boy I sure have had a rough 12 hours since I lost my little Radish, and to see that picture of the girls with Sasha's "smile" totally made my day! What a wonderful picture, you MUST frame that one! And of course you know how I love the Terrorist and photos of her! The girls are getting bigger since your last photos you've published of them!
    Thanks for all your help, advice, and love for Radish and me, and Leslie - Thanks so much for your comment here! It means a lot, and Weaver, I've tried to leave you a comment so many times an I just cant! Who knows, so I'm leaving it here on Liz's! I'm reading every day and I LOVED the latest lamb posting!

  4. Great photos, Liz! Your vegetable garden looks well protected now - hope you get some nice veggies out of it.

    I'm sorry to hear about Radish, it must have been terrible and my heart goes out to your friend.

  5. Can't stand those mynah birds, got 'em in droves here, too.
    Pity the hawk doesn't gobble them up!

  6. PS...I have the country wisdom how to book...its so AWESOME!