Attacking the old Vegetable Garden under supervision that is

The Garden Supervisor

It's taken me over a week to finally turn over all of the soil in what used to be our main vegetable garden. Back breaking work when you've left it for two years growing nothing but weeds taller than you are and the tap root systems to match. I had forgotten just how big it really was - large enough to feed myself,my girls, my Mum and always extra to pass on to friends and family. At last I've reclaimed it from the weeds. The soil has been well fertilised with blood and bone. I guess the earth worms will love it. So will the chickens. Until I put in the last few wires and connect the fence around the garden to the mains unit those chickens will be very busy getting what they can.
I'm hoping to have all the fence finished by tomorrow if the weather doesn't decide to pack up and we get more showers coming in along with the strong south westerly that's been shredding the trees for the last two days. Cold and horrible which is telling me Autumn is here. Hopefully the temperatures won't drop too much. I'm putting in peas and parsnips for starters. Then go from there.

In the other small garden.....

The weak sick looking tomato plants I had finally put in several weeks ago have benefitted a lot from a huge dose of fertiliser and some TLC. At last I actually have tomatoes on them - green but at last we're getting something! It's probably far too late in the year now to get many off these poor plants I'm hoping for a few more weeks. The Tyres keep the chickens from digging around the roots...

The Banana Pepper I put in seems to be doing okay I didn't realise it was a mildly hot one and had mistaken it for a sweet variety but I'll make use of it in a stew or a casserole. Jennifer from A Dairy Perspective posted about this great book Country Wisdom & Know-how that has all kinds of things for living off the land there's even instructions on how to make a root cellar. Check it out here. And even if you don't have a farm it's still worth checking out. Read Jennifer's post to find out more. Oh well time to make dinner and tell the Terrorist I'm not doing anymore gardening today.


  1. Liz that is fantastic! You have been working hard, I've got some corncob seeds if you want some, let me know and we've been food shopping so I've got some real lattes and coffee here for you when you come over :-)

  2. My favourite variety of pea is Onward. We shall be sowing them in about a month's time. I do love that supervisor - no doubt she does help with fertilising the ground too.
    Can't always get to your comments but managed it today, so greetings!

  3. Hey Liz!

    I am honored for the promotion for our silly little blog. You make it sound so great. :-)
    The garden is looking great. I know soil turning is hard work. I look forward to seeing the progress. We currently have some nasty wind too, kept us awake last night, supposed to blow all day here too.

    Does the supervisor like weeds? :-)

    We bought a couple calves recently and I should put some pictures on the blog soon. We have one that is a jersey and is very bossy. Are all jerseys like that? We never had a jersey before. I refer to her as the "violent princess" for now until I can think of a suitable name for her. She is sweet until you are between her and her bottle... :-)


  4. Good Luck with your garden, your Supervisor looks very serious about her job. LOL.
    We had about a week of Spring like weather. Yesterday our high was 79 F and this morning it was 24F and snow and ice are forecast for tomorrow. Grrrrr!


  5. Hi Guys

    Amy - Thanks on the corn cob seeds. It's a little too late in the season now to plant them unfortunately. Real lattes?LOL!

    Weaver - You too. Ilove the onwards peas they are so nice and sweet. Teh supervisor just demolished a fence. I forgot to reconnect it to the mains unit! Now I'll have to fix it. Her fertiliser comes in useful that's for certain.

    Jennifer -LOL! Nah your blog is cool!

    Jersey's like all cows have different personalities. River the first one I raised was quiet but when it came to the bottle bottle meant everything. The Terrorist is a lot quieter and friendlier but it's because I've been handling her on a daily basis. Normally by now she would be out in the paddock with the others but..Micah is there so I have to keep her tethered up. Jersey's overall are nice natured. You do on occasion get an exception - if she's too nasty get rid of her. Friends of mine milk Jerseys and anything with a bad temperament is soon put on the truck to the works I love Jerseys great mothers and great cows. The bulls...no way. Nasty and mean tempered. We had one here and we ended up eating it. We called him nutcase because he was nutty.LOL! You should cross breed the Fresians with the Jerseys you get high milk production with a high butter fat content as well. We've got two here like that.Nice temperaments too.

    The Supervisor does like weeds and my plants too!LOL

    Leslie - Hi Leslie.LOL! She was serious about eating my jumper and the new plant I had in my hand! Our weather is turning for the colder - too soon too. Must be all this wierd weather patterns everyone has been getting for the last year or so. We've had terrible winds the last few days cold southerlies - yuk! Hoping for less today.

    Love and hugs to you Liz

  6. Good on you, Liz, that's a lot of hard work finished.
    Don't think we get those seed varieties here in Oz but I'll be planting out a bajillion soon to make up for the ones the Summer heat baked in the ground lol.