While I get the crickets out of my bed here's some more photos

The Pile Driver Kid - 3 seconds

Got the head then the rear end he didn't get away

This one did a runner!


  1. Y'know, have you considered photo-journalism as a career, my friend?

  2. I love the pictures, I hope you have more of the Rodeo !
    Good luck with the crickets..
    Have a great day. Hugs~~~leslie

  3. Nice Photos.

    Crickets? Aren't they noisy bed fellows? :-)


  4. We went to our first rodeo in Texas last year - all looks a bit too much like hard work for me but it is fun to watch others hitting the floor with steady regularity.

  5. This looks very difficult! Necky Becky tried to ride on one of the wild giraffes here, but she just slid off.

  6. Do women try this too? or is it just a man thing?

  7. Hey there!! Hope all is well. I just got my computer and internet set up here so hopefully I'll be back to blogging pretty soon. Hobart indeed does have a pleasant weather and is a pretty city in itself. Hope all is well at the farm. Will be back to comment in detail soon. Take care :)

  8. Heck I'm way out touch here

    Ice yeah that's an option just need a giant camera to go with it.LOL!

    Leslie - Hi Leslie yes there are lots more pictures coming. The crickets are a real pain. Big hugs to you too

    Jennifer - Yes their midnight serenades just don't do it for me

    Weaver - Painful I would say. I've been kicked by a steer and it's painful! Lucky you going to Texas

    Raph - Perhaps a ladder attached to the Giraffe might solve the problem? You just crack me up. Love it!

    Rose - Yes the girls got involved as well and I have some photos. I'll put them up for you to see.Hope it's not too dry where you are. Stay safe

    Snowforest - Hi Omer!!!! The kitties say Hi to you. I'm so pleased you're enjoying Hobart and at least you got to sit the exam. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Purrs and hugs

    Take care everyone