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Spotlight on Reproduction and Genomics Science

22 December 2008

AgResearch’s new Centre for Reproduction and Genomics (CRG) based at its Invermay campus outside Dunedin will present a day-long colloquium early next year to focus on the latest research in the field or reproduction and genomics.

The CRG houses some of the country’s leading researchers in the field of reproduction and genomics and the inaugural science colloquium, which will be held on 19 February next year, will provide the first opportunity since the establishment of the Centre, to bring together interested parties to share the wealth of knowledge being generated by the science teams within and associated with the Centre.

Although only recently established, the CRG is based on a longstanding relationship between AgResearch and The University of Otago. The director of the CRG, Professor Neil Gemmell, says in developing this new phase of the relationship between the two organisations, it is timely to review some of the many significant past achievements and look at the current work being undertaken by the Centre and other affiliated researchers.

“The work being undertaken by staff in and around the CRG is both exciting and broad. With between 50 and 70 scientists housed in the Centre it is a challenging task to keep up to speed with the work of close colleagues, let alone individuals who are working at different sites on systems and problems that do not appear immediately relevant.

“If we are to find the crucial linkages between the various projects undertaken by Centre staff and colleagues it is vital that we develop the means to enable our scientists and researchers to regularly meet and learn more of each other’s work,” he says.

The colloquium will feature presentations covering a broad area of reproduction and genomics. Fifteen of New Zealand’s leading researchers and some overseas speakers will cover a vast list of topics, varying from animal to human reproductive biology and genomics and health science.

To find out more about the colloquium or to register go to: http://www.crg.org.nz/colloquium/isrc.aspx

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