Quick let's run him through the ringer!!!


  1. Dear Mad Bush,

    No, you can't put him through the wringer. Mangles are valuable antiques, these days. Museum pieces. You try putting ol' Basement through the wringer, you'd be committing cultural vandalism.

    Signed, Pretentious of Avondale.


  2. HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cultural Vandalism!!! Oh you kill me...Pretentious of Avondale...hmmm wonder if there are any minions down that way.................

  3. I say give him a good spin ! He looks like he wants to play. Have a good day, Liz.

  4. Thats what is happening to my missing laundry...


  5. The Basement Cat is at work again - this particular minion has a dangerous combination of floof and laser eyes...

    The dawn pictures are stunning! So is the pic of Dream and Emerald - it deserves a lolcat caption!

    Grandpa doesn't look that old for his age ;) - glad he's still alive though and will be passed onwards to future generations..that's nice!

    The sunset pictures are again amazing! Well done! The milking shed came out fine too. It's unfortunate that they've stopped teaching the basics of drawings at art schools - you're right..being talented is one thing but you've got to learn the art to polish your skills..

    Beautiful poem and images of palm trees in that post. My inspirational thinking place is the ceiling with a view of the night stars..

    I think there is little doubt now that the minions have infiltrated the ranks of Ceiling Cat and are actively corrupting the devout followers...Lord help us..

    That Christmas Day tale was quite touching and at the same time a little funny too - enjoyed reading that a lot..

    The lolcat pic is always great and so are the pictures of Christmas parade. Maungaturoto seems like a really scenic place. I think I saw hills in the backdrop in one of the pictures..

    Sad to learn about the ecological situation at Kaipara and how the power projects could really upset the natural balance there...hope there is a solution out of it that benefits the marine life as well as satisfy the energy needs of those areas..more and more companies are beginning to 'see green' these days and I hope that preservation of the harbor's diverse ecosystem takes priority here..

    Wishing you all the very best for the upcoming holidays - a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance :)

  6. Hi Leslie,
    I'll shut the lid right now. That should teach for trying to steal my socks.

    Merry Christmas

    Jennifer I think you should send him a big bill for damages then make him knit you a whole lot of new socks and buy you the latest fashion in New York. That should make him broke.
    Have a great christmas and stay warm

    Hi Omer,

    Great to hear from you. I have to get back over and finish reading your blog update.

    That Basement cat is a serious concern....Hmm wonder if I have an anti laser shield and a dust buster handy...no I'll just shut the lid...

    Glad you liked the pictures of the sunset and the dawn rise. But that hairy rattle snake I found was a worry. Yes it's the kind of photo that does need an LOL caption. I'll work on something funny.

    I liked the way that shed came out. I have to do a serious of paintings for a friend of mine. All landscapes but I also want to finish off my clouded leopard. I'll just have to work him in somehow. Art has become very wierd around my area lately...

    I really like that open and the poet that wrote the words. He's based in Malaysia and very very talented. I love the stars too especially in Summer. I'll have to wait for a clear night and get some photos of the star scapes.

    Minions of Basement Cat are everywhere. They attempted to BSOD my computer today and failed miserably. It was just a reboot. Foiled their plans

    My advice on cooking oil and sausages is read the label first. They were horrible. The fish wouldn't eat them either.LOL

    On the Kaipara. I am now very seriously concerned. The Kaipara is a major breeding harbour for sharks. Since sharks are dwindling in numbers any disturbance could be devastating. I'll doing a post about the power projects in the next few days.

    Merry Christmas and a Great 2009 to you and the Kitties. Hope everything goes well for you

    Purrs and hugs
    Liz and all of us here at the farm.