Getting back to the creative side - confessions of a rural drain digger #FarmVoices #NorthlandNZ

The winter has been dragging on and on. First day of spring today for us here in New Zealand, we've had so much rain I'm thinking maybe I should build an ark? No instead I decided to follow my own advice and find the Mad Bush Farmer again. She decided she just so needed to start painting again. It's been ages. This is the start of what will become a New Zealand Wood Pigeon or Kereru. They're beautiful birds. I based the drawing on a photograph I took at Auckland Zoo last year. Meantime on the rest of the insane front here on the farm. Terrorist and River did a break out again. They're next door after doing some fence climbing. I've been playing drain digger after we had flooding all around the house. Michelle is going to be taking part in her first singing competition this coming weekend. She has six songs to sing and has been working really hard on them all. My girls are growing up fast. There's talk of the "when we leave home" bit. Hard to believe the years have gone so fast. I'll miss them both when they head out into the world. I have awesome girls oh and a cat glaring at me at the moment. That's the end of my prattle for this post - back to the drain digging now.

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  1. yes winter has been dragging on, normally I love it but right now I'm a bit over all the rain. everything is SO boggy. We want some dry days before the next lot of rain.