You've gotta have a tractor!

I love old tractors. They remind me of when I was growing up next door to a dairy farm. And I spotted a couple of old timers being used in the 150th Maungaturoto Through the Ages Parade last Saturday. There's this one and then there was ......
 This beautifully restored and working Massey Ferguson tractor and it goes as well. Okay some would ask why the heck would you want to blog about some old tractors for? Because they helped to shape agriculture towards the way we know it now. And just for good measure every rural community has to include in a parade.......

A darned good tractor! And it's got a trailer on it for good measure. Yes I like tractors because our farmers couldn't do without them.


  1. How right you are, Liz. Farmers could never feed the population today if it wasn't for mechanized farm equipment.

    1. We certainly couldn't do without the tractor oh so true