Inspiration with Google's Picasa 3

I love great quotes that inspire or reflect our mood that day or in that moment. I went out today and took some photos down at the new wharf area in Maungaturoto. The ripples on the water, the quiet and the bird life was a welcome change from the chaos I deal with on the farm. I took my camera with me and did some experimental shots.

I asked my youngest daughter Michelle to stand in the centre of the wharf so I could get this shot. I used the features on Picasa 3 to create the effects on the images you can see. One thing I like about this program is the simplicity. If you don't have photoshop, but want to create something special out of your images this free photo editing software from Google is a good option to choose.

I had a play with some of the effects by mixing them and seeing what came out of it. Picasa 3 has cropping options, straightening of crooked shots, and all the basics you need to create a great final image for your blog or for prints. I've found it better using Windows 8 rather than my old XP software.

I had a look on the net for different quotes that fitted the images after editing. I think they're inspiring, and creative to do. They're also great for making cards out of as well.  You can download Picasa 3 here. Another option is Gimp which is also a great photo editing software and like Picasa it's free you can download it here. Most of all I hope you like the photos and the quotes. They were fun to do and that's what matters.

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