Bad Hair Days

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair.  Audrey Hepburn                                                                            
Bad Hair Days come in all forms. I seem to be having those often right now. I wake up in the morning, and wonder why the cat is looking as if something from another planet is staring back at her. What a sight I make grumbling my way out of bed, muttering things about being woken up in the small hours of the a.m. by a mentally challenged dog yapping at a grumpy old horse that's suddenly decided he WANTS HIS HARDFEED NOW! or end up getting the ranch slider opened if it isn't locked. Wisely it is locked for the very reason the old goat will open it and stick his head in and stand there until he is fed. That must be the reason why my hair is sticking out in the morning. Or I haven't stuck my head on the electric fence enough to make it spark yet. I mean, who else, but unconventional me (because I am totally unconventional having ASD in the background of my crazy makeup) would have an ancient horse roaming around the outside of their house at 3 a.m. in the morning with a nutty dog yapping his lungs out and probably the entire rural district along with it. No wonder I got that same look from the emu there, when I took its photograph at Auckland Zoo a few months ago. Seeing that photo definitely reminded me of someone having a bad hair day. Well I'm going to go and get the hedge shears out and rework the bad hair so it doesn't stick out so much or maybe I should just go and see a psychiatrist and explain my insanity to them instead. And sorry Audrey Hepburn wonderful much adored movie star that you always were and will be. I'll just have to use a chainsaw instead to fix my bad hair day problem, or get the Terrorist to yank a bit more out. Bald patches don't sound very appealing though. The Mad Bush Farmer I think needs to visit the hairdresser sometime - soon or use the chainsaw. And check out the video below. It's an advert for a restaurant chain, absolutely brilliantly done. You can read the article on it here


  1. That emu picture cracks me up, Liz. That's how my hair looks most days, too! I've found middle-aged hair to be a rip-off :)

  2. oh yes me too! My hair is growing at the rate of a gollywog!