Winter's not too far away

 It's back to short days and unpredictable weather, The little horses are already looking all fluffy with their winter coats now growing rapidly before the onset of the winter cold sets in for the next three or so months.

 Shadia is still finding her place in the group but she seems to have settled right down. We have quite a collection of little horses now. NO MORE. I think four is more than enough. It's far too easy to take them in, but honestly what do you do with them. Ranger is big enough to be ridden and used for harness later on. Shadia we will leave until she is four years old before we do anything more serious with her. The two little guys Tempest and Spiritus are just pets. We can't really do much with them at all due to their stifle lock problems. The old man these days is slowing down and he's enjoying his retirement. So please don't buy a young miniature horse unless you know exactly what you are doing. Stick to an older one that has been well handled and hopefully not spoilt rotten. They may be cute, but don't go giving them heaps of treats and let them get away with bad habits. Shadia is a sad example of what can go wrong. I'll keep up with my warnings. We can't lay the blame on Shadia for the way she was when she came here she is the victim of human negligence and misunderstanding.

And last but not least I got this photo of the waves on the rocks just below the cliff where the Leigh Cemetery is located. The sea was quite rough that day. I've known this view for over 40 years of my 49 years. Many happy memories of Leigh and the beaches around the area. Well that's me for another blog post. Heck I am being efficient for a change. Must be the rain outside maybe. Have fun, smile and most of all laugh until next time.

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