Ten Days before Christmas....

DSCN3734 And it seems things just have to go nuts at the wrong time of the year. I don't blame Dream for having that What the??? look. Not when the cows are mowing behind the house right now. Not that they mind. Neither do I really it needs munching down BUT.... DSCN3738 It's not so good when we have our neighbour's young heifer looking like she is going to calve. She isn't old enough to have a calf. Michelle came and told me yesterday Igger's back quarters in her udder were filling up. This morning her udder is filling and she's dripping milk. It could be a false pregnancy but all the signs are there that she may well calve within the next few days. It's a wait and see for now. Best to leave her be, but keep an eye as well just in case she has any problems. DSCN3739 Meanwhile the Terrorist is just quite content to munch up the weeds and the long grass (and the trees!). She was quick to greet Michelle at the bedroom window this morning. We're expecting the bull to arrive any day. So Terrorist and River will be put in calf. I don't breed every year because the cows need a chance to recover. Different on a beef or dairy farm. My jersey girls are pets nothing more. Their calves will be going over to my friend Janet who will raise them after they've been weaned off the cows. We don't mind because we get a home-killed beast back. Can't argue about that one. DSCN3740 I can tell Summer is here. It's been a real scorcher today. River was in the shade quite early this morning and so were the horses. We have our local Christmas Parade late this afternoon.My girls are both taking part in it so I'll be looking forward to getting some photos of them during the event. I've been busy doing an art commission which is coming along really well. I realised I hadn't blogged for a bit so this is one of those sneaky pop on the computer while I'm eating lunch moments. Ten days left to Christmas Day - not long to go now. I like to think every day is Christmas when you give a little, care a little and be kind to others kind of day. DSCN3733


  1. It sounds like things are never dull at your place! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog--I appreciate you not getting defensive about my opinions! I am getting used to my Taranaki neighbors and hope to be moving in the next few months to the other side of the North Island where I'm sure I will meet some very nice Kiwis :)

    1. It's usually crazy here but I love it. Nothing is better than a healthy opinion that's what makes us human beings. You'll love the East Coast of the North Island it's beautiful and you will indeed meet some very nice kiwis. I've got some wonderful friends in the USA. I'm pleased you've chosen NZ as your home. Yay!


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