Life in the blackberry patch and small equines

 This lot makes the Day of the Triffids look like tap dancers in comparison

Anyone who farms will tell you the worst of the plant pests are gorse, blackberry and thistles. I have all three and then some. Somewhere along the way an alien blackberry bush decided to invade my bank.

Under all that tangle I found my lost Mandarin Tree it's actually healthy?

The canes are taller than me, being a short stuff (5ft 4"), it was rather a daunting task to somehow get stuck into that darned blackberry patch and get rid of it. A couple of hours with the loppers soon had a nice wide path cut out through to the lost trees I had planted sometime ago. I've got thorns in my hands, a bad attitude and an aching back.  The herbicide is doing the rest where the blackberry goes.

Hi! I'm here to eat your garden! You'll let me because I am sooo cute!

Meanwhile small equines continue to cause mayhem and look generally very cute. I mean what in heck do you do with them? We're hatching a plan to at least get a bit in their mouths, and then lunge them to keep their weight down. A certain small white equine has been making nightly visits onto my 'lawn'. At least he's keeping the grass down I suppose and leaving (finally) my apple tree alone. Well life continues. I'm being trolled by Emerald the cat, plagued by The Terrorist with her complaints about not being able to run off to Terry's place anymore and generally life has been mad as usual. I like it that way.

A couple of weeks ago my youngest daughter Michelle took Wes and Sheryl's calf to the school pet day and took out the champion. She trained this calf herself. On Monday just gone Michelle won the school cross country for her age group. She's doing really well. Well that's me for now. Stay happy and smile.


  1. Hi Liz, we're lucky we only have a little bramble to deal with, and a few thistles. I think the woolly nightshade can be a real nuisance in some areas. At least your mandarin tree is doing OK!
    Nice that your girls are doing well :-)
    see you

  2. Hi Bridget

    You're lucky! LOL I have a real problem with these pest plants here. We've got wandering jew in the bush as well. The cattle seem to eating it which is good. But yes it was a shock to find the poor old mandarin tree still alive under all that tangle. Our soil is so bad nothing grows in it.Everything takes years to establish and getting them to establish is the hard part.

    I'm taking a different tact this year and using recycled tyres to plant the trees in. It's a bog here in winter and a desert in summer. I can't win either way. So....after a lot of thought and thinking I'm redoing the plants that aren't growing well and putting them in tyres. The apple tree is already looking better (what's left of it!).

    The girls are doing really well. Michelle has really blossomed this year.

    Love to you and your lovely family and hope you're okay!


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