What I do in doctor's waiting rooms......

 I do things like this. Sometimes it's a very long wait in the doctor's waiting room. It's interesting the looks and frowns I get as people wonder what that lady is doing with a little black book, a pencil and a fine tip pen. Well there it is. My mum hasn't been doing so well over the last year or so - so we're at the doctors more often these days. Some people read magazines - I draw.


  1. That's awesome Lizzie, these days you tend to wait longer and longer at the doctor's. I'm thinking of starting up my blog again too.

  2. It can be a really long wait sometimes. Beats reading boring gossip columns.LOL Hey glad you have started your blog again!

  3. I LOVE what you do to past time
    my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mum

  4. Hi Jen sorry I missed your comment thanks for that *hugs* I enjoy it. Saves having to read the magazines that don't really interest me. I do love North and South though! LOl


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