Do you like Green Hair and Ham?

That's what my youngest got the other day when she was helping Wes in the milking shed the other day. I had told her a while back about what happens if you're not watching the cows tails. It's the standard rule with dairy cows they crap on heads. Michelle got dumped on. It wasn't fun for her on that side but she's enjoying herself anyway and in good old kiwi rural kid fashion she wants to be a dairy farmer. I think that's pretty cool.

We've been full on here at the farm. I haven't had time to blog lately. The weather is slightly improved on my last griping post about eels and other things.

I'm sure spring fever is hitting the cats. Emerald has been clawing everything, I got a claw in my hand the other day. Ouchy....Meantime the two little horses have so far eaten my lettuces, mowed my 'lawn' and generally made themselves part of the scenery here at Mad Bush Farm.

Well I'll go back to the insane aslyum that is my farm and my life. It's mad..but I love it. Oh and below...there's the ham!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE piglets - so cute!!

    great photos :)

    your youngest wouldnt be the first one to get dumped upon
    my youngest was apparently visiting his dads farm and got it too :( he wasnt very old when this happened
    however he likes farms too :)
    hes my country boy
    my older two prefer the city