A Chat with Jim Mora on NZ National Radio

Don't mind that lot above. They're just having it out..again. Claws at midnight is the norm around my place. That and the weeds growing ever taller. Be a good setting for another version of The Day of the Triffids...well maybe which brings us to the next bit.... Andy Warhol once said We all get our 15 minutes of fame. Yeah right. There came one of those times when I got a call from crew at Radio New Zealand. And a nice crew they are. RNZ each week on a Thursday do a bit of an airwave visit to rural townships around New Zealand. The town near where I live was in their sights to have a chat with the locals about what they like about the place they live in. Sadly for the crew and for poor Jim Mora they got to chat with me. Now...we all have our dreams about maybe getting that one interview that will change our lives forever right? Or is it yeah right tell us another one. Well...it was just fine and a lot of fun so if you can stand listening to my awful kiwi accent have a listen. I was first up, then Jim had a great chat with the wonderful Alan Flower and finally the lovely Nyree Alcock who is the secretary of the local residents association. I live in a good place that's for certain.


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