Australian Conservationist Released After Climbing Malaysian Loggers' Vessel

Australian Conservationist Released After Climbing Malaysian Loggers' Vessel

Malaysian timber group Ta Ann facing protests over native forest logging in Tasmania


HOBART, Tasmania, Australia, May 2, 2011 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- An
Australian conservationist who had climbed the crane of a vessel
loading veneer for Malaysian timber giant Ta Ann has been released
from custody today at 4:30 pm local time.

 According to the Tasmania-based Huon Valley Environment Center, the
climber was part of a group of fourteen activists who had staged a
protest action against Ta Ann last Saturday at Hobart wharf. The
climber had been detained by the Australian police and was forced to
spend the weekend in jail.

"Ta Ann has become one of the largest logging companies in the world
through environmental and social justice abuse in Sarawak, Malaysia,"
Huon Valley Environment Centre's spokesperson Jenny Weber said.

"Ta Ann continues its poor environmental record through its push for
continued logging of high conservation value forests in Tasmania."

Ta Ann is closely linked to the family of Sarawak's controversial
Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, who owns properties and companies
worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars around the

Ta Ann is one of 49 companies blacklisted by the Bruno Manser Fund
for its ties with the Taib family. It is chaired by Taib's cousin
Hamed Sepawi.

"This is the beginning of our campaign to rid Tasmania of Ta Ann",
the Huon Valley Environment Center stated on Monday. "We are all
proud to work in solidarity with the people and forests of Sarawak."

Here is the link to the Huon Valley Environment Centre's Facebook
site: http://www.facebook.com/huonvalleyenvironmentcentre

Here is the main site with the pictures of the action:
http://www.nativeforest.net <http://www.nativeforest.net/>

Here is a video of the action: http://youtu.be/iEY_YlLsesU

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