Mouse Katchas - they're doing it wrong

It seems to me there is now a conspiracy going on between the mice and my two cats. Mice get spotted by cat and cat nabs mouse. Impeding doom right? FAT CHANCE! At the moment the cats are having a wonderful time continuing to deposit said rodents inside the house very much alive. I bopped two more off last night with my mouse bopper offer. Meantime up at my mothers place she seems to be having much better luck - well until that is the stinky mouse katcha aka plastic mouse trap nabs said intended rodent victim by the leg or by some other part that doesn't bump off the pest. Well, yet again today, another one was nabbed by the leg. So yours truly got the dirty deed of having to bop the furry pest off. I hate killing little animals - it's not fun and certainly not a job I relish in any way, shape, or form. But, when it comes to straight out vermin I have to harden my heart and do the deed. Mouse was quickly dealt with and moved no more. We'll get more no doubts. Oh well that's Autumn for you out in the sticks I guess.


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