An Iconic City in Ruins - Hearts go out to the People of Christchurch

I watched the footage on Sky News, saw the tears in many eyes, watched the frantic efforts by ordinary people to try to do something to help. The aftershocks continue. Rescue teams from the UK and Australia are coming in to help.

The people of Christchurch did not deserve nature's fury to strike them again.
The above is what I posted on Facebook this morning.
At 12.51 pm yesterday New Zealand Time a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck the iconic South Island city of Christchurch.
It was lunchtime, people were out on the street going about their daily business, buses and cars heading down along the streets, and office workers were within buildings. In split seconds the world came apart, buildings fell down onto the street - there were people within them. The rubble fell onto buses crushing them to nothing. The count of confirmed dead at the time of writing this blog post stands at 38 identified and there are more to come.

The iconic Christchurch Cathedral spire has been destroyed falling into the interior and the Pyne Gould Building has been completely destroyed. There were people inside at the time. 80% of the city has no water. Power is out and sewerage lines have been severely damaged.

Queen Elizabeth sent this message to Prime Minister John Key
"I have been utterly shocked by the news of another earthquake in Christchurch. Please convey my deep sympathy to the family and friends of those who have been killed; my thoughts are with all those who have been affected by this dreadful event. My thoughts are also with the emergency services and every...one who is assisting in the rescue efforts."

The opening paragraph from the article The Day the Earth Roared by The Press on the Stuff.co.nz website said it all

With no warning the earth roared and shook us ferociously. Like my colleagues in the features department of Christchurch newspaper The Press, I dived under my desk.

I'm a music critic and as we shook and my mind's eye flashed images of my four children I was pelted with CDs including, ironically, an Underworld album.

.... We walk en masse down the middle of the glass-strewn street, strangers united by fear accompanied by dust swirling, sirens wailing and military helicopters circling. I felt like I was on a movie set and that Bruce Willis would surely appear around the next corner.

...With each aftershock strangers clung to each other, some prayed. Others, like me, blasphemed and swore at the ground.

- The Day the Earth Roared on Stuff.co.nz
People of Christchurch - we're thinking of you stay strong


Chris Trotter on Bowally Road 'Christchurch's Agony'

If we learn nothing else from today's disaster, let us learn that we are frail and wholly contingent beings, whose only solace in a vast and unheeding universe – is each other. - Chris Trotter

Lisa Truttman on Timespanner 'My thoughts are on Christchurch'

Today, there are reported deaths. The 6.3 earthquake struck at the worst of times, lunchtime on a summer's day. Buses and cars have been crushed.

Beyond that, right now, I have no words. Read Chris Trotter's post at least, for eloquence. The city, and its residents, do not deserve all of this.

Ian Musgrove on Astroblog 'Our Hearts go out to New Zealand'

We wish everyone one there all our best wishes, and hope their loved-ones are found safe.


Google have launched a Person Finder application HERE

Facebook Support Page 'Supporting Christchurch Earthquake 22.02.2011' HERE

Twitter Tell your friends and family you're ok Tweet ok#quake www.twitter.com

Christchurch Earthquake Information

Local Emergency Phone Number:111 or 0800 779 997



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People with personal offers of accommodation call 0800 AIRPORT from wherever they are in the country and offer accommodation to their airport staff, apparently there are a lot of Cantabrians clogging chch airport wanting to get out and go anywhere.

DONATIONS for the victims of the earthquake
Salvation Army:
Westpac - 02 0207 0617331 00

Red Cross: Website Here
ASB - 12 3193 0006848 01
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Phone 0900 33 200 - automatic $20 donation
- TXT 'QUAKE' to 555 to donate $5 or TXT 'QUAKE' to 333 to donate $3 from any Vodafone mobile
- Donate @ redcross.org.nz
- Donate at NZ Post, Kiwibank, ANZ, National Bank, ASB, TSB and BNZ across New Zealand.

Charity Auctions for the Christchurch Victims on Facebook HERE Wanting to donate items for this contact email christchurchcharityauctions@live.com


  1. It's just so frightening that a few seconds can cause such irreversible destruction and death.
    Sympathy, best wishes and thoughts to everyone caught up in this tragedy.

  2. Thanks Jayne you're so right with what you have said

  3. Liz, my heart goes out to everyone in this terrible tragedy. Thinking thoughts of love and sympathy.

  4. Hello Raph mine too. I have family down there who have been directly affected by this terrible quake they are okay thank goodness but we think their home along with a lot of others has been possibly destroyed. Thank you for this it means a lot.