Dog 0..Cows 10

River hunting for Simon

Dog total Score..ZERO!

The girls and I took Simon for a walk the other day in the bush on our farm. Trouble was our three cows decided to chase Simon. Simon 0 Cows 10. I had the camera with me so I could take some more photos of the palms in the bush. The ones of Simon are after he had managed to escape the wrath of the cows that wanted to do him over. I love the bush we have. We have Wood pigeons (Kereru), Eastern Rosellas plus when we do get glimpses of her - a New Zealand Bush Falcon. I'm still to get a photo of her yet. We've found evidence of her kills here and there but having the camera handy seems to be a case of Murphy's Law. I found that out the other day when a steam train went through at the Railway Village just down the road from the farm here. Darn!

The weather here has warmed up greatly. The vegetable garden at last has been properly fenced to keep the chickens and the cows (when they get out) away from the young plants that are now coming up.

We're looking forward to the warmer weather but, I hope we don't get another drought for six months!

Hope everyone is well and happy
Here's to good things for all
Love to everyone
Liz and the girls

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