Catching up with the animals - literally!

The Terrorist

Sometimes I wonder where my sanity has gone. When it comes to our rather large collection of animals I really at times DO wonder. Over the last few months Inaya's pet cow Ocean has tested my patience beyond what most would consider the legal limit. My choice of words of late directed at said member of the Bovine Species! has been colourful to say the least and requires an entire board of Censors to deal with my profound selection of (as Mr Spock would say) colourful metaphors. Now she has taken to ramming the fences down with her horns and I am at the end of my tether. Two solutions a bullet or she loses those tools of hers namely horns!!!. Option 2 has been chosen, since Ocean just LOVES to use those horns of her to lift up the wire and get out. Yesterday she was in the break feed for all of half an hour before she was out targeting my garden..again! Next week the vet is coming out to dehorn all three cows. I have no doubts they will all have nasty headaches for a few days after the procedure is done.

Meantime the garden still grows, and a grumpy chicken still dwells in the weeds on old eggs, perhaps hoping they will hatch. Not to be of course. We don't have a rooster here thank goodness. Priority right now is to get the fence redone and fully working. No more escapes we hope once it's finished. Since the animals are near the house I went out and took some photos of them. The Terrorist is still tiny I doubt she will grow much bigger - which suits me. Cute as always and of course she will never leave the farm. Ocean's days however are seriously numbered. I will not be popular if I choose to get rid of her - but that's life for you out in the sticks.

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