One ot those Saturdays...

One of those Saturday mornings when there was a streaker in the sky......

Two kids (one of them mine) having a huge laugh at BJ's Cafe while I had a mocha with my ex-husband (yes we do get along!) who was up to pick up the girls and take them out for the day. Had a great talk with Amy at the library then headed home to sort out stuff around the farm..

Loud Dog was planning to let me know just how loud
he could be now I was home....

His sad face caused me to feel sorry for him so he got a biscuit.....

He has very big teeth don't you think?

Um......that is one crazy looking Loud Dog!

As I got in the shopping two certain chickens
had headed for the open ranch slider...

Foiled by my fast sprint inside they gave me that.....look

Dark shadow of poultry Foiled!

And last but not least - Ocean my self appointed electric fence tester and wrecker banished to do the lawn mowing behind my house. Hmmm...... yes yesterday was definitely one of those days..oh what's new!

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  1. Don't let your guard down with those chickens, Liz. I think they plot as much as Basement Cats. :-)