A stiff reminder.....

Okay it's about time I wrote a new blog post. Just checked the date. Heck it's been a while since me and the blog have been friends. No time I guess and I've had writer's block to go with it. Each day it's been what do I write...errmmmm...BLANK SCREEN SYNDROME...

So what's been happening here at the Mad Bush Farm..not a lot. It's been dry sticky and horrible for nearly three months. We've had next to no rain, until a few days back when we got a badly needed 20mm and a bit more today. Still not enough. Meantime, the cows are enjoying busting the fences, because the electric fence isn't working properly,the cause dry ground = no conductivity around the earthing rods. Decisions had to be made where the stock was concerned so we cut two more off the farm. The calves have now gone finally. I expected to kept up for several nights with the chorus of Ocean and River calling for their missing baby boys. Not s peek. Like me I think those two were well and truly sick and tired of them.
There doesn't seem to be much to talk about. But as always I have to find humour in something so here's a little story for you that happened recently.

The Stiff

I began with my mother coming down the hill a few weeks back. She had that look in her face that meant only one thing. Something had carked it near her house and she wanted it disposed of. Very nice - not. At the time I was in the middle of my editing. It was a hot horrible afternoon and with the temperatures soaring at 25C plus the urgency to get rid of the stiff was of upmost importance where my Mum was concerned. Trouble was I was snowed and got delayed. Finally after a couple of hours I grabbed the spade and headed up the hill to remove said stiff from my mothers fish pond..except my Mum had gotten rather brave and removed said stiff from her fishpond. So much for being helpful to my family that day. A week later.....
One of the calves got out..again. So up the hill we marched me, the dog and the two kids to go and deal with that darned nuisance that was destroying my mother's lovely garden. I told Inaya to let the dog go so he could get said calf out of there. Meantime I was sorting out the busted fence mutter dire things under my breath and thinking about...what nice steaks that little toad would make. The dog got the little sod out of the garden then headed off to a location in the grass and began to roll...Inaya's choking sounds alerted me...and there in the long grass right on top of my steel post pile (which I had been looking for) was the stiff. All I will say is BAH! The flies...disagreed.

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  1. Lovely to actually get your blog again , read it and be able to leave a comment - sometimes it is too difficult.
    Love your cat photographs. Last week somebody shot one of my son's cats head on and damaged him so badly that he has had to have his front leg amputated. He is only a young cat and at present is barely clinging to life. It has upset us all. Who could be so cruel?