Mickey Mouse is not welcome in my house!

The Disney Version I don't mind..but the real house mouse..forget it! It's been a bumper year for the humble little mouse. A dry summer has seen an explosion in the rodent numbers for 2010. I haven't had a mouse in my house for over two years. This late Autumn in less than four days I've bumped off over 22 and rising. Each night I get at least two furry visitors and my mouse traps have been working over time.

I've had worse though. The first winter we were in the house here on the farm, I was literally invaded.

It wasn't just a couple of mice it was literally dozens..YUK! I hate mice. They are dirty, destructive little beasties, that breed like flies and leave one heck of a mess behind. That first year I had poison, traps and a baseball bat working overtime to get rid of the invasion. The following winters weren't as bad as we set down a poisoning program around the farm and knocked the population over. 2008 we ended up with Emerald and Dream here and with cats..there were no more mice. Last year too we didn't have one single mouse. This year cats or not..the mice are at record numbers. Better go and wind up my batting arm. I fear...it's going to be a very long..winter.


  1. yes - mice are all around at present. As you know my 3 cats have so far caught 3 mice in less than a week - could be worse though, at least it's not rats.

  2. I've had overnight success with my own mickeycide project.

  3. Sounds like you need more cats! :-)

    Our farm cats would rather meow at the door looking for table scraps than sit by the feed bags and hunt for rodents...

    Well don't pull any muscles with your batting arm, remember to stretch :-)