The things that make my day and not in order of preference

#1 Seeing a proud father take his beautiful daughter up the aisle on her wedding day. This is one of my nieces who was married last Saturday with her Dad at the entrance of a beautiful Italinate style church we went to in Clark's Beach Karaka Auckland New Zealand.

A beautiful family wedding with everyone there and a happy couple sharing their joy with everyone.

Seeing my gorgeous Mum with one of her beautiful granddaughters on her wedding day. My Mum was the one who did the wedding ceremony along with one of my brother-in-laws who is a Baptist minister.

#4 Seeing my Grandmother holding one of her great great grandsons

#5 Walking through a quiet vineyard before harvest time
#6 Watching my clapped out but working Tellus vacuum cleaner fall apart then getting a silly photo and renaming it the Amyvac

#7 Drawing silly cartoons of myself looking very grumpy and silly. My hair is not sticking out in this one but clearly I have a bad attitude

#8 Raising a little Jersey named the Terrorist from a tiny calf to a cute little heifer of 20 months old. And she is finally mooing.
#9 My old horse doing so well at 29 years old and he's not slowing down one bit.
#10 My girls having a heap of fun and me getting photos of them doing it.

What makes your day?


  1. Lovely wedding photos Liz, hahahahaha the amyvac LOL

  2. Love the piccies - still no water for the current? No sticky outy hairzzz??? Hmmm yes liking the clapped out Amyvac hahahaha - I haz many appliances to go wiz it ........... dvd, video, tv .......phone........fire..............mee...............

  3. LIZ THANks for stopping by I have received a rather large kick in the gut! Feburary 16 was my moms birthday I did not feel well and went to one of those walk in clinics he suspected pnuemonia and took x- rays he saw the pnuemonia and something else he suspected cancer= ARGH!!!! but it was not a return of my breast cancer - lucky me it was much much worse a new cancer one of the most aggresive kinds and fastest growning I am now am the proud owner of a grand case of Small Cell Lung Cancer statistically not a very good one to have - then the ride got very bumby - i was life flighted ($21,620) to Tulsa Oklahoma a 120 minute drive but an expensive 90 minute helicopter ride. they did my biopsy there and I ended up in hopital for 7 days with various procedures - my kids and sisters were here to share their love and panic- when I got back to Crowder I found an oncolgist locally who was #1 resident at John Hopkins - you can't find any one in the US with better credentials - so whithin a week they had to throw me back into the local hospital for a week as my sodium levels were so low I was losing it mentally also - but I:m feeling much better and after today I will be 1/2 way through wih both chemo and radiation- I have changed my outlook i beat this disease once and now I am just going to do it again-- the Dr' think I might beat the-- odds---join me on facebook if you have time I keep my condition pretty out there thank you for thinking of me I; sorry to have to share my miserable tale -love Kath I hope to be blogging SOON

  4. I loved a look back at some of these pics! They all make my day too! So good again to read your blog! Just had to tell you once more! I MISSED YOU!